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  1. Dreamcars

    New kit car on knock off SLC chassis

    The RAZOR on a knock off SLC chassis. Price for a roller chassis is $10,000 and the body is priced with windows, hinges and tail lights at $12,000. Not a bad looking kit if someone is creative, can come up with an interior and is looking for a different skin.
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    Accident damaged SLC LT4 project located in Miami, FL

    I found this today. What a shame. Hope that driver and passenger got out safe. Could be a nice project for a talented shop or individual.
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    I am selling a cable shifter for a Graziano 6-Speed Transaxle. Came with my Superlite SLC. $150.00 plus shipping from Yardley, PA 19067
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    I am selling a EFI fuel system as shown. It comes with one of the swirl tanks of your choice, the second is offered separately for $30.00. The system was purchased for a Superlite SLC to run a LS7. Was installed but never run. The system includes: Bosch 044 (Genuine not a knockoff) with bracket...
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    FS USA SANDEN AC Compressor LS3/LS7 "SOLD"

    I am selling a Sanden AC Compressor with all mounting hardware to fit LS3/LS7. New, never installed. Came with my Superlite SLC. PM me if interested. $100 Plus shipping from Yardley, PA
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    FS USA Emergency Parking Brake System "SOLD"

    I am selling my IPS/E-STOPP Emergency Parking Bake System. Was installed on Superlite SLC but never driven. Fits many cars with the use of different brackets. PM me if interested. $450.00 Plus shipping from Yardley, PA 19067
  7. Dreamcars

    FS USA LS7 Ceramic coated Exhaust Mainfold and Stubs "SOLD"

    I am selling a set of LS7 Ceramic coated stock exhaust manifold. Stubs also ceramic coated. Were installed on Superlite SLC but never run. . Manifolds will fit LS3 as well. PM me if interested. $300 Plus shipping from Yardley, PA
  8. Dreamcars

    SLC Side exhaust pictures needed

    Hey fellows. I am looking for SLC side exhaust fabrication pictures. Couldn't find much detail on the net. I have the flanges but not sure if they will be used/needed and 3" bullet race mufflers. Do I need to switch bolts from the manifold to the flange? Thank you
  9. Dreamcars

    RCR Superlite SLC - GT-R Fuel System for Sale

    I am selling this fuel system out of my Superlite SLC due to engine reconfiguration. Was installed but never ran. Everything there but the 100 Micron fuel filter. Bosch 044, Walbro and 40 Micron Filter. Mics. -6 AN fittings, hose,crush washers, pressure regulator and surge tank. It is rated for...
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    Hello Fellows, Were did the summer go? I was so busy with other things that the SLC took second seat. Here are some pictures from what I got done. Nothing exiting. The typical problems on placing the A/C. As already done before me. The evaporator was inverted 180 Degree and the housing was...
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    RCR Carbon Fiber Seats For Sale

    I am offering a set of RCR Carbon Fiber Seats which came with my SLC. I have no need for them and need the space. Asking $600.00 Plus shipping, Brackets included. Location, Yardley, PA 19067
  12. Dreamcars

    Carbon Fiber Seats For Sale

    Hello Fellows, I decided to part with my RCR Carbon Fiber Seats which I received with my kit. New and unused, brackets included. Asking $600.00 for the set plus shipping. Please PM me if you are interested. Cheers
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    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Stephan's SLC Build Threat Hello fellow current and future SLC owners. My name is Stephan and I just received the majority of my 2017 white SLC on Sunday, February 25th. Graziano, flywheel and Infinity box still to come due to backorders... I am in the Yardley, PA area wanted to introduce...