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  1. otto69

    RIP Jim Pace

    Way too early
  2. otto69

    Sound deadening or not?

    Hi Daniel I added Dynamat to all panels around the cabin and 25mm/1” convoluted foam between them. Would do it again in a heartbeat, ever try and squeeze in more. Added a thicker bulkhead window as well, 6mm to 10mm. Has really paid off for noise and heat reduction. Clayton
  3. otto69

    MkV Brochure

    A good mate Udo had a brochure of the MkV sent to him back in the mid 80's and now I have it. You could pick one up complete for 59250 quid... Hope its Ok to post it here. Clayton
  4. otto69 is Twenty!

    Thanks for perservering with us Ron Joined in Sept 2001 and still check in daily Clayton
  5. otto69

    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    Hi Graham a signed copy would be great as well. Clayton
  6. otto69

    Key blank for Roaring Forties

    Hi Keith I have an RF1 (early car) and the column came from a Ford Telstar, 1980’s model from memory. Does your lock look like this ? Clayton
  7. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    The panel work has come up a treat, looking fantastic. I’ve got this Sunday off, I’ll see ya then. Clayton
  8. otto69

    Looking for nice pictures of garages

    Love the bubble arch MkI
  9. otto69

    my Lola T70 REP

    Love you work Chris Clayton
  10. otto69

    Looking for pictures of a full rollcage

    No, click on the“here” in my first post and that takes you to Iain’s RF117 Clayton
  11. otto69

    Looking for pictures of a full rollcage

    Hi John Have a look Here. Clayton
  12. otto69

    Modern-day Miura

    Hi Joel Some nice close up pictures here on Sothebys
  13. otto69

    Steering intermediate shaft phasing

    Hi David Glad it helped out Clayton
  14. otto69

    my Lola T70 REP

    WOW Chris You have definitely stepped it up now, looking fantastic. Jim C will be proud Clayton
  15. otto69

    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Excellent write up Bob Clayton
  16. otto69

    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    how about banjo fittings ?
  17. otto69

    Roaring Forties 66

    Thanks Richard Had a great time, pity it’s only once a year Clayton
  18. otto69

    Roaring Forties 66

    Our club put on a Drive-in Movie nigh on Saturday. Snagged a front row park. Had a great night watching an eighties movie. Parked next to a Falcon GT 40th anniversary model, very fitting Clayton
  19. otto69

    Keith Baker's Southern gt on the build

    Love a Mk1 with bubble arches
  20. otto69


    Yep, still in Darwin, best place to be at the moment From memory you had quad Weber’s on it previously. The acceleration was brutal. Going to be hard to go back to n/a from the current setup, performance wise. keep us updated.