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    Wilwood Pro Spindle

    Generally, king pin inclination is built in to decrease the distance from the center of the contact patch to the virtual ground level pivot point. The smaller the distance, the less feedback from uneven surfaces, especially under braking forces. It's a tradeoff between kpi effects, castor...
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    Blown Slave Cylinder

    If the master cylinder reservoir height is lower than the slave cylinder, it's (slightly) possible to bleed air back into the system.
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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    We've done lots of RHD cars, including (I think) the Spyder. However, judging from the tunnel shape, pedal box and the shift-linkage cover, that's not ours.
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    GoPro for Trailers?

    I wired my standard wireless backup camera to the trailer parking light power. I just turn the parking lights on when I want to see in back.
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    Wilwood Pro Spindle

    The original front upright "axle" centerline is approximately centered vertically to the ball joints. That puts the lower control inner pivots' height just above the bottom of the chassis where the lateral forces can fed into the chassis most efficiently.
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    Drawing or CAD file Ford Engine Block M-6010-BS351BB

    I don't where this "original" MK2 transaxle drawing came from but it includes the FE bolt pattern. I'd check dimensions before I started machining.
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    Braided Stainless Clutch Line

    Yes. Braided line should be kept to a minimum. It expands slightly with pressure.
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    Quaife bellhousing on Ford block

    Interesting that the hole is slightly egg-shaped. You might try torquing all the housing-to-block bolts.
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    Need help with Wiper Knob Removal

    The ERA knob is retained by a spring-loaded pin accessed through a hole in the side of the knob's shank.
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    Looking for opionions on my frame design.

    Generally, diagonals will be stressed about the same as tubes that are more orthogonal. Yours look too small. I don't see any mounts for control arms or spring/dampers. They define how road stresses are transferred into the main structure, and may require structure redesign to optimize the "whole".
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    GT40 Build - GT Forte' space frame - Question about front suspension

    "The idea is to find the pickup points where the roll centre remains in the same place as the suspension moves ( as far as possible) This makes the car stable feeling and much nicer to drive. " I have to modify this slightly: It is not necessarily the stability of the roll center height. A...
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    Air conditioning pressure

    That depends on whether you're using the old R22 refrigerant or it's been replaced by R410A.
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    G96 master cylinder size?

    It sounds like you might have some restriction in the hydraulic line. What size hard lines are you using?
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    Fuel cap bolt pattern

    I'm not sure whether it's original, but the ERA's filler is 9 holes on a 150mm circle.
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    Circuit Breaker Blade Fuses

    If you look closely, they are all the same brand. If you want something higher quality. These are available in manual or automatic reset.
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    Looking for pictures of a full rollcage

    We built a cage for a car that was used in an over-the-road race (can't remember the name). The triangular door brace pivoted at the front (top and bottom of the front roll hoop) and was pinned at the back to allow access to the cockpit. It may have met the safety requirements, but I wouldn't do...
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    Harsh Winter in USA

    Texas's conversion to renewables was strictly a commercial decision. The lack of backup and safety mechanisms was too. This was not unexpected.
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    the design of the front and rear upright for a GT40 MK1

    If you are going super-economy, look at the cheap Mustang II dropped-design front upright. Lots of brake options for them too.
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    LED Charge Warning Light

    I use a 27 ohm, 7 watt for the shunt. Because the current goes to zero once the car is charging, you don't have to worry about the wattage too much.
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    LED Charge Warning Light

    The resistor must be added in (electrical) parallel to the LED light, not in series. That way it adds to the current load.