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    how to jack car,

    How is it best to jack up these cars. A floor jack on the rear crossmemeber? How to do the front?
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    2 track days so far.

    The first day at track was just getting the car runnign well. The second day about two weeks later was learning the car. Changes so far was increasing compression in the front to get rid of the darty feeling at speed, and loosenign the rear swaybar to settle the rear. Seemed to work ok, but rear...
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    zf shifting

    I am new tot he zf box, but. My car will not downshift to second from 4th, it has to go through third, even if i double decluctch in neutral. It also refuses to engage reverse unless it has rolled forwards a foot or so in 1st, even then engaing rverese has a gear clunk. reving in neutral...
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    Spf 2306

    Nearing completion in Sa for shippment to USA, cant claim to have the skills to put it together, but a build nevertheless.
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    harmonic damper

    Anybody have experience with a lightweight ATi harmonic damper, is it worthwhile what are the drawbacks.
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    2306 is finishing production, going into paint next week. Its going to be a RHD sill shift, mid tail Mk1. Color will be gulf blue but with twin white stripes, somwehre between the Mk1 and Mk2 stripes in width. As a new build GT40 I feel free not to follow any historic color pattern and just go...
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    Aluminum 302

    Anybody run an aluminun 302 based in their Gt40. This would be significantly lighter than even the iron blck 302, which the cars seem to be setup for. Will reducing the mass fromt he rear make the car more twitchy at the limit, or less.
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    1+1 really =2 eventualy

    By Matthew Fleischer, guest blogger L.A. times October 29, 2013, 8:50 p.m. The Obama administration came out with a report Monday arguing that 1 million single adults between the ages of 18 and 35 will be eligible for an Obamacare insurance plan costing less than $50 a month. That’s news to...
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    DEtroit USA

    DETROIT -- DETROIT (AP) — Detroit's emergency manager testified Monday that he had thought as late as June that a bankruptcy filing could be avoided but that he knew time was running out for the city and its creditors to agree to concessions. Testifying on the fourth day of a trial to determine...
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    GT40 lap times

    I have been trying to compare a contemporary track prepepd Gt40 to the current crop of so called trackable supercars. Below is some of the dtata i have been able to cobble togther. Its hard to compare as I have no idea as to the capoability of the various drivers so comaprisons may be invalid...
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    Anybody know what color this car is. It seems darker than arcadian and lighter than gulf.
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    Quaife ZFQ and RBT

    Can anybody explain to me the difference between a Quaife ZFQ and a RBT? Thanks
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    Tracking a SPF

    Does anyone here track their SPF. If so is the rear spolier plate really helpful or is it more cosmetic. At what speeds would it help. What type of wheels and tires do you run. Anybody use hoosiers on 17 in rims. What about avon bias plys on 15 in rims. Shocks, and changes tot he stock...
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    7K Hydraulics

    I always understood that Hydraulics were only good to 6500rpm. Yet the vette guys say the current z06 and zl1 redline at 7100. Is there something that chevy does that cannot be done on a ford SB?
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    Engine spec

    I think I have narrowed things down. A Dart aluminum 8.2 block. Callies crank oliver rods Diamond pistons. Beehive springs Titanium retainers Shaft rockers. 4 Barrel carb. The dilema is this. either a 4.125 bore and 3,2 crank and solid rollers for a 347 and an ability to rev sweetly to 7k+...
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    Anybody run one of those bored and stroked 302's in 363 guise?
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    Noob Motor questions

    Have a SPF GT40 on order. The GT40 is primarily for trackdays will also prob move from track to track on a trailer so I can have good ride height, wheels tires jack brakes etc on hand. Would love advice on motor choices. I see many if not most have apounched out 351/427 combo. Is this a...
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    Noob questions

    Just placed my order today with Hillbank. Based on what i read here and an experience with cable shift,doing a RHD Mk1. Have been tracking a Lotus elise for the past two years, single seaters before that. The Lotus goes to the track on atrailer, but I also street drive the car on smooth roads...