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    Purchasing from Summit and shipping to the UK

    In the past I've used Summit for a lot of my engine parts and they have always come through just make sure to allow for import duty or another option is to go to Real Steel in the UK.
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    The season gets started.

    Hi Graham, Will you be at the Masters again this year on the 28th May at Brandshatch?
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    Dreamer From UK

    Hi Paul, Looking forward to it. Best regards, Chris Hale.
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    Dreamer From UK

    Hi Sam, All I can say is that you need to talk to owners that have built or building cars as they will give you the answers you are looking for and then you will be able to make up your own mind. At our Kent GT40 Enthusiasts meet this coming Monday 5th September we have four members with...
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    Dreamer From UK

    Hi Sam, Welcome to It's always good to have dream and something to work towards. If you’re not already a member of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club I can highly recommend joining as it's always good to talk and meet up with fellow likeminded member. We hold regular meets on the...
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    Hi Mark, I think you maybe thinking of the G96/50 this box has the same bolt pattern as the G50 box's and is also six speed but are only four wheel drive so you would need to modify to convert to two wheel drive which isn't to hard to do.
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    Scotland Tornado

    Hi Ian, I'm interested could you tell how much they are and contact details please. Cheers, Chris
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    bent G50 diff sideplate

    Hi Mark, I second Cliff on the California Motorsports Porsche G50 5 speed transmission section diff side plate, I fitted one to my G50 a few years ago when I fitted it and as yet no issues and I have been giving the far a fare bite of stick.
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    Wings and Wheels 2013 - DUNSFOLD (Surrey)

    Hi John, I spoke to Neil at Brooklands last week just to confirm that I was on the list as I had filled in the online registration a few months ago and no one had notified me, and I am pleased to say that I am indeed on the said list so will be taking part in this event on Sunday. What day...
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    Dear Santa.... Pretty Please...

    Now that's freedom! I would love one.
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    Mark Hales

    +3 Mark is a good guy and also writes fantastic articles, he does not deserve this.
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    Autosport show, nec, birmingham

    Hi Frank, We have a few going up on the Sunday 13th, Neil Pervis/Nigel Bain/Tony Hale/Chris Hale. Would be good to tie up if you are there on the same day, let me know? Chris.
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    Goodwood On TV Tonight

    Thanks for the heads up Ian, I will have to make sure to go next year.
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    Original GT40 SAE Papers

    Very interesting reading thanks for posting.
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    Ronnie Spain's Book

    Hi Ronnie, If its not to late I to would love to be added to the list for a signed copy of your new bok as my old copy is starting to look a bit dog eared.
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    Wings and Wheels 2012 - DUNSFOLD

    I send mine in on the Monday after the cut off date. Still not heard anything yet. Regards, Chris.
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    EBC Bluestuff Pads - Comments?

    Hi Geoff, I have used green stuff in the past on my old TVR's and found them a little wooden, but have not tried the NXT Blue Stuff so I cannot comment on these. I also have Hi Spec brake callipers fitted with no servo’s on my GT and have now changed over from DS2500 as these also felt...
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    Norfolk Tornado

    Andy, Looking good Andy. Could you tell me where you got your air filters from and how you have fixed them to you throttle bodies? As I’m looking at this type of set-up for my Kinsler EFI system. Best regards, Chris.
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    Pollack Valve gone wrong?

    Not good Ian, I run a Pollack valve on my car and I'm on my second one now due to the first one stop working and would only run on one side and not swop over. On my current configuration I'm using a fuel swirl pot and only using the Pollack valve on the low pressure side and this seems to be...