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    Hartwell Latches - Superformance For sale

    Hello, i have a set from hartwell latches for the front and the rear clips. The parts are new and original superformance. € 380,00 + shipping. I send worldwide
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    Roof vent cover - Spuerformance for sale

    Hello i have a roof vent cover ( original Superformance ) for sale. It+s painted in gulf ornage. € 40,00 + shipping. I send worldwide
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    Willans Harness - for Sale

    Hello, i have for sale a set ( for 2 seats ) of willans harness in blue. The harness are not installed but now original package. I send it worldwide. Together € 150,00 + shipping.
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    Gulf Keychain

    Hello, i have 3 Gulf keychain for sale. Inside is a stainless steel plate and both sides have a 3D Sticker with, you can choose; No.6 or "GULF" or Gulf Anniversary logo. one keychain costs $ 35.-- incl. shipping worldwide.
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    Mounting Frame

    Somebody interesting for a mounting frame for a tornado GT40? Location: Germany Baden Württemberg.
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    Eperiences with Tornado Sportcars

    Hi Guys, I have already built some cars (Cobra, Super Seven ...) and wanted to share my experiences with Tornado. I got the kit in September 2018. All parts were complete and perfectly packed. For each part there is a marked package with screws and small parts - we really lack nothing. Also...
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    Aluminium Molding

    Hello, have somebody an idea, where i can get the aluminium moldings by the door area?
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    AC Harnness - I need help

    Hi Guys, can somebody help? I have for my Tornado Kit a A/C System from "Nostalgic AC Parts" and i don´t understand the diagrams from Tornado and NACP. In the attchement i have my diagram and the diagram from NACP. If somebody knows the connection Position 1 - 7 - Thanks. Frank
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    Hello, my Tornado Kit is on the way from England to Germany and will arrive in the next 3-4 days. :):)
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    Tornado Wheels

    Hello, have somebody the BRM wheels 15x8 and 15x12 from Tornado on his car and can tell me, how is the offset from the wheels? Perhaps a pic. Thanks Frank
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    Outside Mirrors Superformance

    Hello, do anybody know , from which car are the outside mirrors from the superformance GT 40? Thanks Frank
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    Tornado with central cable system

    He guys, i want to order a Tornado Kitcar and i have a question: Have somebody built in his Tornado the central cable system? Is this system o.k. and does the system work good? Thanks for your aswers. Frank
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    Frank from Germany

    Hello, i am Frank from Germany. I want to build a GT 40 Kitcar with my son. In 2006 i have built a Pilgrim Cobra with 302 engine. Also i get in 3 weeks a Shelby Cobra Daytona from USA with 427 Stroker Shelby Engine. AT the moment i restorate a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback S-Code. I think, i need...