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    Weather Striping

    Getting ready for body install and I am not sure what to use for weather striping on doors and rear clip. Any recommendations for an RCR? Thanks in advance.
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    Steering Wheel

    Can anyone tell me where to source the Moto Lita Steering wheel including boss and GT40 center piece? Thanks
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    SPF Stripes

    Any SPF owners happen to know the width of the Factory Stripes as seen on most SPF cars or maybe take a measurement for me. I prefer a thinner stripe over the wide ones. Thanks in advance. Phil
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    Quaife Transaxle Questions

    Getting ready to start setting up shifter and cables. I know little about these transaxles and would like some info on the gear selector on these and what position designates 1st thru 5th gear and reverse and how they are selected. Hopefully one of the transaxles guys can educate me. Thanks
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    AC Hose Crimper

    Any recommendations on a Hydraulic Crimper for the AC Hose? I see some for $150-$200 has anyone had experience with these? Thanks Phil
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    Rear Glass Window

    I am exploring the options for replacing the rear tail section Plexiglas window for my RCR40 with a glass window. Seeing that RCR does not supply these I would have to use a window from one of the other Mfgs. I am looking to purchase one that is readily available asap. I realize it may not be a...
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    I am looking to replace the tail section (not the cabin) Plexiglas window with Glass. Anyone know of any options available or suppliers for RCR MK1? Thanks Phil
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    FS USA Serpentine Pulley Assembly

    NEW Serpentine pulley assembly off of SBF 351. I ordered this setup on my engine and unfortunately it does not fit in my RCR GT40. It is my understanding it fits Superformance and possibly other chassis. Setup includes everything that came on my engine that's in the photo except the alternator...
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    I originally signed on to this site looking to pick a color for a Factory Five Cobra I had just finished building. Not knowing much about the GT40's..having never seen one I began lurking around and came across Jason's RCR40 build and that's when I decided I had to build one. A short while later...
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    Rear Clip Support

    Anyone know if these rear supports are available for purchase? Looks like they might need to be fabricated. Thanks
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    Rear Vent Measurement

    Can I bother someone with an RCR GT40 MK1 to take a measurement of the Vent opening located on the top of the rear clam or for that matter a measurement of the stock vent supplied with the kit. Thanks in advance. Phil
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    351 Pulleys

    After weighing all options I have decided to go with a 427 SBF for my RCR MK1 build. I will be ordering a turnkey engine soon and will need to know the pulley setup with Alternator and AC locations. What is everyone using and what fitment issues should I expect? Pictures would be great. Thanks...
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    Coyote Engine Choice?

    I placed my order a few weeks ago for the GT40 MK1 with RCR and I will need to make a decision shortly on what engine I will be using in order for RCR to build the chassis for my engine choice which will be a 351 or Coyote. I would like the opinion of anyone using the Coyote and what...
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    Flairs or Not.

    Any chance I can see some pics of GT40 Mk1 with no flairs and 2” flair to compare looks and wheel sizes. Getting close to ordering and need to make some decisions. Thanks Phil
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    I plan on ordering the RCR GT40 soon. Seeing I have never seen a GT40 in person I was hoping someone in RI or close by in MA or CT has one I could take a look at. I'm also interested in the inspection process in RI. Please let me know if anyone has one in the area. Thanks in advance. Phil
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    Just Signed On!

    Came across this site while looking to pick out a color for the Cobra I am currently building. Looks like a great site. Phil