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    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    Hello all, As an engineering challenge to myself, I'm going to attempt to strip and hack into a set of Chinese 48 IDFs or 44 IDA's, and see if I can modify the body to contain fuel injectors. (and adding a throttle position sensor etc.) Basically, I want to see if I can engineer myself...
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    CAV GT40 ball joints

    Hello guys, simple question that should have a simple answer.. I have an early pre-100 CAV GT, and i'm busy revamping the suspension front and back. All rod-ends were worn, some seized, rubbers tearing, etc. Also the wishbones themselves have developed quite a bit of corrosion, so I stripped...
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    ***SOLD Sold; 302W GT40 for sale SOLD***

    Hello guys, I have a beautifully build GT40 for sale here in Durban, South Africa. It was a scratch build, by an experienced and very skilled fabricator. (this is his 3rd GT he built) I have hundreds of foto's to show of the details and engineerning and fabrication quality. The bodywork...
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    CAV GT #22, rejuvenation project

    Hello everyone, i've been lurking in the shadows for many years here. A couple of months ago, I introduced myself when I bought a 2003 CAV GT, which I was planning to freshen up. I thought it was time to share some of the progress, since it is moving very very rapidly. I decided (since I live...
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    Early CAV brakes - type? pads?

    Hello guys, I recently purchased chassis 22# CAV, which is one of the earlier models (2003) I see the car has got lovely big brake calipers, but I just cant figure out what model/brand they are.. Does any one know the early CAV calipers used?
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    Jordi @ Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV GT, CapeTown)

    Gents, Just wanted to share my great experience with CAV last week. I bought an older generation CAV (Chassis 22) built in 2003, and wanted to rejuvenate her. After some very pleasant emails back and forth (speedy too) Jordi at CAV convinced me this was the right place to drop the car of. I...
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    Cats and mufflers

    Gents, After recently becoming a GT40 owner, #22 CAV, I have to start thinking about making the car compliant to Dutch regulations. When I leave south-africa in a year's time, the car is coming with, but some mods required to make it legal. Easy ones are: indicators on the sides, rear fog...
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    Long time (>10yr) lurker bought CAV GT40! :-)

    Hello guys, I'm pretty sure I've been on this forum, reading, learning and dreaming for the best part of 10 yrs. Now that I'm officially part of the GT40 family, i thought it might be good to introduce myself. My name is Jasper, born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 35jrs old...