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    Corvette with CV

    Looking for a 28 spline Corvette spindle with CV cup.
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    enigne offered need info

    I have been offered an aluminium block "Cobra" engine for my build. I know nothing about these motors. The bolt pattern for the bellhousing/adapter plate is unknown. I already have a sb302 and the correct adapter plate to an Audi 016. So the question is... is the bolt pattern the same as...
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    I have not been able to get into the chassis,brake etc area. What am I doing wrong?
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    What wiper set up in USA

    What winshield wiper setup is available here in the US? Did a search and found mention of a type 6 Lucas for the motor but I need the whole unit and would like to get something easily found here.
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    would it work in the engine compartment

    I am planning where to put what in the engine compartment. I came to how to do the AC and wanting to avoid running long hoses thought about putting the radiator part in the back of the engine compartment with fans. Anyone try this? If it works for you what do I need to pay special attention...
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    Does anyone know if all 944 have LSD? I found a 944 in a pick-a-part yard. The yard workers don't know anything about it and all badges on the outside are gone. So... would it be worth the trouble to pull the rear end out? Once out how do I tell if it is fitted with LSD? Is it worth...
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    Who dun it

    Can anyone tell me what company made this body? Doors have no ridges so I'm pretty sure it's not a KVA.:sad: I got the body from a guy who got it from a guy who's memory was not so good. The problem I"m having is knowing who's windscreen and dash to buy.:stunned: Richard
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    Seattle area car shows

    Hi All, Is anyone here on the Forum going to the Pyuallup Goodguys Car Show this weekend?? Anyone showing a 40? Le May Museum is also haveing a program.
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    Anti Lock Brake kit

    I was looking in the Southwest Speed Catalog (page 71) and found what is said to be anti-lock brake valves. Also call a cushion valve. The add says it prevents wheel lock and promotes control under heavy braking. Does anyone know of these and or has used them? It also says gauges can be used...
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    Anyone know what these are?

    I bought these as Lola uprights. Has anyone seen these before? They are for sale. Asking $1800 or trade for rear uprights for a gt40. Located in Seattle WA USA thanks richard
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    Pics of Lola rear uprights and hubs

    OOps sorry for not posting the first time :shocked: richard
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    Rear Lola uprights and hubs

    I want to sell these Lola uprights with hubs or trade them for something similar for a gt40. Located Washington state USA Pirce $1800 or best offer or trade. Pictures in next post... don't know how to do it through a URL....richard
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    Hartwell latches

    Found Hartwell latches at c & r racing #cr-m1000 at $35.00 each. Haven't seen a pic yet but thought i'd throw this out for others looking. richard
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    radiator dimensions

    Search the threads and couldn't find any listing of radiator dimensions. I would think that the different manufactures of the kits will be different but i am just looking for a general or average numbers. C & R Racing will make one but need something to go by. Thanks richard [email protected]
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    Cav hubs

    I'm looking for a set (front and back) of hubs for 1 gen CAV uprights. If you upgraded your uprights and went with new hubs i would be interested in buying your old ones. thanks
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    Cav upright parts

    I just aquired a set of 1 generation CAV uprights and am in search of the rest of the parts to complete the hubs. The front uprights are stamped M-1-8 and the rears M1-22. I did send an E to CAV and Ian got back to me that he could provide the parts but didn't tell me what they were off of or...
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    GT40 on E bay

    Just saw a GT40 body only for sale on the big E... buy now $7,000.00. Has some extras ... lites, wire harness windshield etc but no chassis... now if I only had that money i missplasced :lipsrsealed:... it's in Henderson NV. ends in one day.:stunned:
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    Danger b&b manufacturing

    I wis this was going to be a good post but... I purchased a gt40 body and chassis from this company in November of 2010. I was told the chassis was specific for the body etc. With at least weekly contact they did not send the kit until August, 2010. When i got home from the freight company i...
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    What US steering racks has anyone used

    I've been looking through the threads and haven't found any US made steering racks... i don't think the Cortina racks are easy to get over here as they are not being produced any more and not many were imported anyway. So what are you using???
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    west coast mkI body quest

    Does anyone know of a MKI body manufacturer on or near the west coast? I know on the far side of the US their are a couple of good bodys available but the cost of shipping adds a lot... thanks true