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    1030 at 06:15

    Looks really great
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    Improved Gurney Weslake covers

    Andy, these look really good. Any chance they are available?
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    What chassis# on yellow MkI

    I agree with you 100% that you can see this just from looking at it, I did as well, but to be candid I don't know why I can tell. Having looked at real and replica cars for years the GT40s built in the 60's look different than a replica today. I don't know if it is the patina of the wheels, the...
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    What chassis# on yellow MkI

    Pretty car
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    What an incredible amount of work, quite impressive. It is sad he didn't get to see it finished. Thank you for continuing to post, your creations are wonderful.
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    Adventure RV

    Holy moly that looks good and is quite a project, very impressive. Looking forward to seeing the next steps
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    Craft Performance engine knock

    Not much to add but I feel for you. I went through a similar challenge 10 or so years ago due to my lack of knowledge. I didn't know who to trust, ended up with an expensive education. My way out was to get to a single person and have them accountable for repair. I am sure this hurts...
  8. F is Twenty!

    Wild... I remember being in college when I found this site. I used to read the ERA Replicas webpage at least once a week to get my new found GT40 fix. Thanks for keeping this forum running, I still check it multiple times a day.
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    Carbon GT mono

    well this should be super cool!
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion Saw this two days ago and thought of this thread
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    Hahahahah, that is funny :)
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    Heading to Quail for the Ford vs Ferrari display

    Looks like fun, hope you can post more pictures
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    It was too bad it was cancelled due to funding but I get why these things happen. CERN turned out to deliver on the promise but it took a few tries to get the technology to work... again, for something that has never been done this should be expected. Interesting note, the CERN facility...
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    Fusion is awesome, I so hope they can figure it out. Does feel like it has been 5 years out for the past 30 years.. but it is massively complex so I am not judging nor do I think I could do any better.
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    Ian, what are you skeptical about? Clearly wind power requires trucks to transport the turbines, it requires a bunch of effort to pour concrete, etc. all things you say. Candidly, coal and gas power plants require that as well. Wind takes a lot of space / acreage for all the towers.. birds get...
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    I remember reading about these new types of plants but I don't remember if the cooling requirements change although I would assume they would.
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    My adjustment above I don't really understand the fascination with thinking anything "new" or different is terrible; it continues to seem odd to me that people who enjoy engineering and building cars think that new types of technology is bad. Hydro has been around forever, is a "renewable" and...
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    Jeff, I realize the answer to this question is probably more complex than a simple answer via an internet forum can facilitate but can you elaborate? If I take the decommissioning costs out (which I realize are massive) and the waste problem out (which is huge) what are the key drivers of...
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    Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

    ok, you win, I am tired
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    Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

    Yep, happy to help! TWA 800 had a small problem with a fuel tank as well! Good thing nothing ever blows up ever no matter what motive power is used…