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    Wolseley 6/90 revival

    Hi All, Currently got the McLaren M1B replica under a sheet at the back of the shed and working on my Dad’s car – now mine since he has gone into care. It’s a 1957 Wolseley 6/90 series 2. These things had a 2.6L BMC C series and 4 speed box with right hand gear change and were not bad...
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    McLaren M1B replica on the track

    Hi All, Happy New Year! Belatedly, I've popped some footage on youtube of the first meeting for me and the car in November 2014. Car ran well. I'm still getting used to it, and being pretty cautious. Only problem was the 930 inverted...
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    Chassis tuning - front end grip

    Hi All, Had the first race meeting in my McLaren M1B replica last weekend at the MG Classic meeting at Manfeild, and wanted to pick your brains. Suspension is basically identical in concept and execution to original GT40. I am running modern racing slicks 330/680/18 rear (20psi cold) and...
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    KEP clutch rating

    Hi All, still in the build phase and have a 930 transaxle using Kennedy heavy duty clutch - their highest rated unit good for 600 ft/lbs evidently. Was mucking around in the weekend planning the hydraulic slave conversion and tried to stroke the clutch manually using a 2 ft bar acting directly...
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    IDA-style EFI set-up for SBF

    might be of interest to someone: Throttle Body Fuel Injection for sale - - New Zealand The ad says "This is an 8 stack throttle body fuel injection system. It is the USA Dynaformance Classic Fuel Injection system. This uses genuine Weber 48 IDA throttle bodies with injectors...
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    McLaren M1 replica

    Hi All, bit of an update - chassis done and back from the powder coater, hardware now going in. Halfshafts and rear brakes to go on, then I'll move to the front and fit steering and front suspension. Have a good week. Cheers, Andrew
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    Axles - floating or not?

    Hi All, I'm in an unfortunate situation with the firm who made me some custom axles. I am using Porsche 930 box with 930 CVs on both the inner and outer ends, so nothing unusual. I have some porsche race car axles of a different length, and the CV inner section is a nice engineering fit on...
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    another IMI hi torque starter - southern hemisphere

    Hi All, I've got an IMI Hi Torque Starter #101N for Porsche G50 and 930. Anyone in NZ or maybe Oz intetested drop me a line. New and unused - didn't have any room for the starter in stock location on my McLaren canam replica. Looking for NZD$250. Cheers, Andrew
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    tuning hilborn EFI stack length

    Hi All, running hilborn EFI 2 7/16 IR injection set-up on my 434 SBC in my canam replica. I have used the pipemax program ( PipeMax36xp2 ) in the construction of my headers and am now planning to use it to trim stack length so I tune to either the second or third harmonic. My engine is a low...
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    very little clutch clearance 930/SBC

    Hi All, running sbc and 930 box, adapted using a complete set-up from Kennedy consisting of adaptor plate, clutch and flywheel. Looks really tight in there - is it normal? I'd prefer to see 5mm or so.... I've only got about 50 thou with the crank at the rearward limit of float. Thanks, Andrew
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    Flowmaster mufflers dyno data?

    Hi All, have just finished the headers and exhaust system on my car. Used PipeMax program for design guidance after feeding in the detailed dyno info I have for the 434 SBC, and have 1 7/8 primary about 32 long into 3 inch collector 18 inches long and using the 40 series flowmaster chambered...
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    Radiator design?

    Hi All, at the stage of specifying radiator design for my McLaren canam replica build, which has the same basic layout and dimensions as a 40. It will be in aluminium, and will be made by the guys at Heat Exchanger Services in Christchurch who do all my stuff and make a nice job. I'm using a...
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    Rear wing?

    Hi All, anyone know what the easiest/cheapest way to get hold of something resembling a large strut mounted ally rear wing a la McLaren M8B. All I can find on the net is Dragster Front & Rear Racing Wings - Race Car & Roadster Race Wing Look good, especially with the wing tip style "F"...
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    Determining correct axle length

    Hi All, At the stage of sorting the axles on my McLaren M1C rep - which uses 930CVs at both ends, a 930 transaxle, and suspension of period design. Maximum axle length is at shock-limited full droop, minimum is at ride height and is about 12mm shorter. Measuring the CV assembly centred and...
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    New Quaiffe to LSX transaxle

    What's New Check out the link above. The FFR guys are having a go at initiating a group buy to get a decently priced peice available for LSx, and by the looks of it SBC too. Not affiliated, just thought it of interest. Basically a 4 speed LSD with a (marginally usable) moonshot 5th...
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    Rifle bolt shifter for 930?

    Hi All, planning a simple and effective shifter on my McLaren M1 replica with SBC and inverted 930. Driver sits RHS, shifter on extreme RHS. Have scanned the archives and found nothing that answers the question I have. As I understand it, standing at the back of the box the 930 shift pattern...
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    Another Master Cylinder Sizing Question...

    Hi All, Mclaren M1C replica, race only on slicks, about 900-950kgs with me in it, 40/60 weight dist, 17x9 fronts, 18x13 rears, Wilwood Superlite 6 pots with 4.04 sq/in piston diameter on both front and rears, and same 353mm rotors front and rear. Wilwood 6:1 ratio pedal box. Want a firm and...
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    Radical 930 starter ideas and options?

    Hi All, got my Mclaren M1C replica chassis and panels out of the container yesterday, got it home and slung the engine and transaxle in to see how it would fit. I had the chassis built without engine or trans mounts so I can do that here. This is a SBC and inverted 930 combo using renegade...
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    930 transaxle, conversion to hyraulic slave?

    Hi All, running an inverted 930 transaxle and planning the conversion to hydraulic slave using Wilwood 260-1333 (Wilwood Engineering - Slave Cylinder - Self Bleed Lines). I assume I simply use the 3 core porsche components - fork, splined shaft that connects fork to outside lever, and the...
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    Greetings from Wellington, New Zealand

    Hi All, been lurking for a while, and marvelling at the depth of info and experience on here. I'm a Kiwi from Wellington with a great and tolerant wife Leah, and three beaut girls 13-11yrs. I work in the electricity industry, and am involved in renewable energy development. My most recent...