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    ***SOLD GT40 with Coyote 5.0 and Audi 01E build for sale ***SOLD

    Hello to all, Came to realization that I will not be able to finish this great car in a reasonable time so it's time to let another enthusiast enjoy the build. The car is about 50% done. I would say mayor work on the chassis is done. Almost a rolling chassis. Body still needs to be mounted and...
  2. nextstep

    01E Reverse Switch Connector

    If you have a Audi 01E and looking for the reverse switch connector (plug) it is a Bosch EV1 for Fuel Injectors. EBay has plenty of them, possibly local stores also. I figure I'll put it out there in case someone hits a snag during wiring. Renato
  3. nextstep

    Audi 01E Clutch Slave Cylinder Hose

    Anyone knows what type of fitting is on the slave cylinder of 01E and where to get it (US possibly). Thanks, Renato
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    Chassis sub forum default display options

    Every time I go to sub forum "Chassis, Brakes, Tires, &Wheels" it defaults to display from the "Last Day". Then I change it to "From Beginning" and it is fine. It does it every time I come back. None of other sub forums do that. Are my settings wrong? Renato
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    Axle dilema

    Hi all, Looking for input on which way to go with half shafts. Any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. Option 1 - bottom setup in the picture: Using standard half shaft "off the shelf" with aluminum (or steel?) adapters to O1E. Option 2 - top portion of the picture: Using...
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    Battery location

    Hi Guys, Any ideas on battery placement? It seems most of you have the battery in the back, recessed in a box. Did anyone install the battery up front between cooling pipes. Can it be done and do the advantages of better weight distribution (if any) out way the complexity of long cables? 0...
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    Registering GT40 in New York state

    I'm looking for feedback on experiences during the registration process of your GT40. I have all of DMV documents and they are somewhat clear and complete but would like to hear what kind of issues did people have during registration. Actually, it can be any kit/homebuilt car because the process...
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    Car Wiring Diagram Software

    I'm starting to think about wiring in the GT40. Far from completing the car but want to identify all of the components and placement of each. I would like to start on wiring diagrams of items I already know and then add as I progress with the build. The question is: what software do the big...
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    Shock absorbers and ride height

    Hi Everyone, I know there has been discussions about this topic on the forum before but I would like to make sure I understand the whole thing. The question: what is the proper order to go about setting your static ride height, min (full bump) and max (full droop) suspension travel. Should...
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    Shrink tubing in stead of hose clamps?

    Guys, A friend of mine recommended shrink tubing in stead of hose clamps. These are specifically designed for pipe to flex connections. Not sure if they can be used with fuel. He uses them on cooling pipes. Any experience, thoughts on this? Renato
  11. nextstep

    Filling the chassis voids

    Is anyone filling the voids between two aluminum panels with something. My wheel wells and some other areas have panels on both sides with about 1.5 inches of space in between. My double firewall is getting hi temp heat insulation so I'm not worried there. I'm considering filling them with...
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    Did anybody ever suggest having sticky's for certain tasks. I noticed different forums have all kind of task specific sticky's. Not sure if something like that would be helpful on a building forum. As an (bad) example: How to properly rivet a panel to the chassis. Or maybe how to solder or...
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    Fuel tanks

    Is anyone connecting fuel tanks with an pipe to equalize level? What would be disadvantage or advantage of doing that? Any first hand experience out there? Regards, Renato
  14. nextstep

    Bonding spider to firewall

    Question is how to finish the connection between firewall and spider? I left a small gap and was thinking of putting a rubber gasket on the edge of panel to meet the fiberglass. Is it enough? I would like to see a more rigid connection (screw or rivet) but not sure if that would create...
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    Renato's GT40 MkI Coyote

    Hello to all. Time to start my build thread. My kit choice is GT-Forte with Ford Coyote 5.0 and Audi 01E. Kit arrived and filled up the garage pretty good. I need more space! Now it is time to start work. My goal is two years, hmmm. I'll try to post lot of pictures, I'm not great at...
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    Test post

    Just a test post to make sure I got the pictures attached correctly. :uneasy: Renato
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    Hi from New York

    Hello everyone,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Currently a non-building member but planning to build the coolest looking car ever! Anyone in New York City area building?<o:p> </o:p> Regards,<o:p></o:p> Renato<o:p></o:p>