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    New front suspension

    I would just say a BIG THANK YOU to both Mick Sollis from Southern GT & Frank Catt from Wealden Engineering for coming to my aid and helping me fix my TS40 in just a few day to enable me to take part in this weekend antics at Dunsfold’s Wing’s & Wheels. The mission all started on Sunday when...
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    How strong is the Renault UN1 with single piece shaft.

    It's looking like I will be fitting the quaife single piece shaft to my Renault UN1 with the quaife LSD, I would be interested in hearing if anyone that has managed to break one and how much HP/ Torque people are putting through these. I have heard story's that they are possibly stronger than...
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    Has anyone fitted a G50 into a Tornado?

    I have been looking at possibly fitting a Porsche G50/01 into my Tornado TS40 and I was wondering if anyone has already done this as it looks like you have to do a few chassis modifications to make it work and I would appreciate any feedback on this. The reason I'm looking at doing this is I...
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    Tornado Remote brake servo's for sale

    Hi, I have two remote brake servo's and a one-way air valve & T piece for sale these were supplied to me from Tornado, I had them on my car for about a 1000 miles, they are now up for sale for £150, these are normaly £225 each plus £45 fitting kit. If you are interest please PM me or call me...
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    Masters Historic Festival at Brandshatch

    Hi All, The Masters Historic Festival is being held at Brandshatch this bank holiday weekend and I have managed to acquire a few free tickets for this event for the GT40 Enthusiasts Club. We are planning on attending this event on Monday 31st and we currently have a couple of tickets going...
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    Part Build GT40 MKII on ebay

    Hi All, Nothing to do with me but maybe good for someone else. FORD GT 40 PROJECT WITH CHASSIS AND RUNNING GEAR £6,500 on eBay (end time 22-Oct-09 21:56:18 BST) Regards, Chris.
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    Kent Area Meet.

    Hope you all had a very relaxing Christmas. The location for our monthly meets has changed, due to the success of our Christmas dinner, everyone was so impressed with the venue & service that they all wished to move our monthly gathering there instead of Newnham Court Inn, and the new...
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    Ford GT Engine

    Hi, Found this while looking around on EBay, maybe of use to someone. Nothing to do with me. FORD GT ENGINE SUPERCHARGED 5.4L V8 PERFORMANCE KIT CAR on eBay, also, Ford, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 13-Dec-08 19:45:00 GMT) Best Regards, Chris.
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    Renault 21T gearbox needed

    Has anyone got a renault 21T / UN1 gearbox for sale? Regards, Chris.
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    Advice needed on making a one piece shaft for UN1

    Hello all, Well I was out driving the GT on Monday night and I managed to break my gearbox input shaft again for the second time, this time it was the second motion shaft that has let go. The gearbox itself is a Renault 21 Turbo UN1 – 13 and the engine it’s hooked up to is a Chevy 355...
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    Tornado Parts for sale

    I have listed some Tornado parts that I no longer require, please see links below. Renault 21 Clutch Slave cylinder - Renault 21 clutch slave cylinder / GT40 on eBay, Renault, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (item 130150805211 end time 13-Sep-07 00:06:03 BST) Pedal box with Bias - Tornado...
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    Rear housing needed UN1 Box

    Hi, Does anyone in the UK have a rear 5th gear housing for a Renault 21 UN1 box that I could buy, as mine has developed a rather large hole. Regards, Chris.
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    Need Help on Renault 21 Gearbox

    Hi, Just taken my car out for a nice evening spin and the gearbox started to sound like it straight cut gears, so I brought it straight home to investigate and this is what I found, lots of oil and a hole. It looks like the nut on the end of the fifth gear shaft has come undone, can anyone...
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    New South East Area Meet

    Hello fellow GT40 enthusiasts, I have been thinking about starting a South East club meet for sometime now and I have finally found a good location to hold it around the Maidstone area. The Newnham Court Inn, this is located just off junction 7 of the M20 I have attached a map for those that...
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    Zephyr MK III Demister Grill For Sale

    Their is a Ford Zephyr MK III for sale on Ebay. Chris.
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    Tornado Parts For Sale

    I have the following unused Tornado parts for sale still in wrapping. 1 x Rear drive shaft (pair) part number 40-65 normally £195 plus vat, I will except £175 no Vat. 1 x Dash demister louvered panel in Aluminum with fixings Part Number - 40-82 Normally £38+vat, I will except £20 no Vat. I...
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    Tornado Tyre sizes

    I have been looking for a tyre combinations to put on my as yet to be completed Tornado and I have been offered a pair of Goodyear Eagle 335 / 35 / R17" at a very good price and I was wondering if they would fit, I do not have the gulf style arches & I have not bought my wheels yet But I will be...
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    What is this

    I went to a local air show / Kit car show and found this not sure what it is, pretty ugly car. Chris.
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    Renault GearBox for sale

    Hi guy's Found this on e-bay might be helpfull for someone click on link below. Chris.
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    Ford 302 edelbrock heads for sale

    Hi Guy's I found these for sale on Piston heads, they maybe useful for someone see link below Chris