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    Fat Larry's GTR Build

    Good evening everyone so as you know I have been waiting for my GTR to be completed by RCR well today she arrived at my door, I would like to give a big thank you to Kristin, Vicki, and yes Fran as well for coming thru. The girls on the front line hear nothing but anal folks like me everyday...
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    Getting Closer

    So from what I can tell Fran and RCR sound like my kit will be completed by next week keep your fingers crossed
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    Well I finally did the epoxy floor this past weekend, not bad I learned a lot in the process since this was my first attempt at an epoxy floor.
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    Missing Parts

    Al those who have an order in with Fran or have received a car that is missing items can you fill me in on what is missing I have a GTR on order since March 2018 and it' s promised to be done the end of this month so far I know the wiring harness and some completion kits are missing when...
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    Epoxy Floors

    Just wanted to know if anyone ever used the Epoxy Plus system for their garage floor/ how easy is it to apply I want to do a Titanium and Pearl accent floor. If you type in Epoxy Plus Floors look at the videos.
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    All I have reached out to Fran and asked him to broadcast I status report on current orders and future orders of the GTR Cars, I completely understand his commitment to the movie cars and all I am asking is just for an update.
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    Quaife Transaxles from UK

    Ok GT40 Forum has anyone had any experience good or bad with a Quaife QBE81GOO2 RPE 7 Speed Sequential Transaxle from the UK. It appears they use this Gear Box and a ZF QBE626 5 Speed in the Radical Race Cars, I am interested in the 7 speed Sequential with the shift paddles for the RCR GTR I...
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    Carbon gtr

    The mission begins the first purchase for what I will call the Carbon GTR, a Ford 3.5 Ecoboost Motor Twin Turbo sent to Fran @ RCR. [/ATTACH] Larry
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    Dad's New Toy Box

    Here is the start of my new 24 x 24 x 17 high 2 car garage I will keep everyone posted on the progress any recommendations are welcomed. And yes it will have a car lift getting to old to be crawling on the ground.