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    Arrived home to be greeted with big envelope containing latest Fortyfication Quick scan confirmed another fine edition with much to read about. Well done Mr Editor & all contributors of course Paul B
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    Happy Birthday Frank

    Manny Happy Returns Mr C! :thumbsup: WOW! : 5 over the speed limit & still running well:laugh::laugh:
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    FS EU Avon & Pirelli Part Worn Tyres

    AVON CR6 ZZ 2off 215/60R15, 2off 245/60R15 & Pirelli P600 fronts 2off 235/60R15 (all less than 50% worn) Call Paul: UK: 07834 760 220
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    Top Gear

    GT 40 featured on Top Gear but without Clarkson slagging it off for being too small (as he did years ago!). OK probably a Superformance being presented as 66 winning car but still a good advert! Also has piece on Extra Gear with Jackie Oliver driving.
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    GTD 40 for sale in the UK **SOLD**

    Ford GTD40 Reg. no. incl.: N40AGT Originally built 1994/5 in Mougins (Cannes). French registered 1996 until January 2005, registered & driven in the South of France (LHD) until 2005. Bought by the current owner in Jan 2005. Initial registration N67RCG. Since then significant...
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    Balls of Steel

    In my yoof I used to hang glide off cliffs and high hills but this is a whole new level, its magnificent! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: These guys have balls of stainless steel! Watch this for sheer excitement.
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    No more Petrol Cars from 2025

    Norway Set To ‘Completely Ban’ All Petrol Cars By 2025 Ouch! Norway is set to ‘completely ban’ the sale of all petrol and diesel powered cars in the next 10 years. According to Norwegian newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv, politicians from both sides of the political spectrum have reached a...
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    Le Mans 2016

    Test day completed and the Fords are: O/A 39th,41st,45th & 46th In Class: 6th,8th,12th & 13th Let's hope they are reliable during the race!
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    New Ford GT

    Interesting piece on the New Ford GT. Explains why it is not a copy of the 40 or the GT.
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    Brian Redman Book

    Just spotted this, looks interesting: Roebuck's legends: Brian Redman - History, Sports Cars - Motor Sport Magazine The Brian Redman Book is out in March...
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    Syria - As explained to a Kindergarten Class....................

    Received this from several sources today. Some are bad and some are good. You will see what I mean when you read on ………….. A briefing document on Syria…... President Assad (who is bad) is a nasty guy who got so nasty his people rebelled and the Rebels (who are good) started winning...
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    Awesome Images & Great Publicity for Emirates Just in case you have not already seen this, great concept and execution!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Impressive Aerobatics

    Impressive Aerobatics It is hardly possible to do some of these manoeuvres . Indeed all but absolutely impossible…..But this SU35 does them all. Enjoy.
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    Uploading Photo Problems

    Uploading photo attempts are failing this morning - Help?
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    SuperCar Event at Top Gear Track

    A few interesting cars at the Supercar Event at the Top Gear Track over the weekend. All in aid of local Children's charity. McLarens were 2 a penny, Bling Lambo, Nice E Type,GTR pounded round track by Max Chilton in the lunch break.
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    The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History

    Just watched the Post by Chris "Our history is not what we think" Agree with Keith about the content, however the next u Tube video was the one below. So I for some reason watched it :idea: Apologies for being provocative in posting this but here goes...
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    If music be the food of love :laugh::laugh:
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    40 at Monza

    Quite a nice series of GT40 Video clips from 1000k at Monza: A Ford Mk 1 GT40 at Monza is Better Than Coffee - GT40 at Monza Video is BTC :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Spooky, watch to the end :stunned::stunned:
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    Not a GT40 but more unique

    Delving into some of my old photos and came across these shots of a pretty unique car with LM connections :-)