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  1. Paul Ricard

    Superformance camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

    I'm surprised to see that there are mirrors, there were none in 1966, It's not serious :(
  2. Paul Ricard

    Show us your GT40!

  3. Paul Ricard

    Spf p/2000

    it does not roll every day but a little bit on Sunday
  4. Paul Ricard

    Spf p/2000

  5. Paul Ricard

    Spf p/2000

  6. Paul Ricard

    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale

    Thank you I imagine that it's not accessible that's why I always push the replacement
  7. Paul Ricard

    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale

    hello Kirby can you give me the references of the master cylinders, I have to change mine they sometimes flu thank you
  8. Paul Ricard

    The Manual Gearbox Preservation Society laser
  9. Paul Ricard

    Walther GT40? GT40 P1005

    if you want to talk about P1029 VS P1041 R would be nice to open a post, here it is for P1005
  10. Paul Ricard

    Walther GT40? GT40 P1005

    this GT40?
  11. Paul Ricard

    Walther GT40? GT40 P1005

    I saw P1005 this weekend is fine, but what 1005?
  12. Paul Ricard

    Classic Car Developments Chassis #5 - Doc Watson's car

    Hello I saw this GT40 at the Algarve Classic Festival I took a picture of the chassis number and it's P1041
  13. Paul Ricard


    Bonjour Benjamin j'avais pas vu ce post mais j'ai deja regardé tes vidéos sur Youtube c'est vraiment courageux de construire une GT40 Bravo
  14. Paul Ricard

    Front grill
  15. Paul Ricard

    Finally a GT40 Owner!

    very good choice ;)
  16. Paul Ricard

    Volant (steering wheels ) et ecrous roues ( wheels spinner )

    tu as disponible en France
  17. Paul Ricard

    Spf p/2000

  18. Paul Ricard

    new in gt40 world

    Welcome Fred if I can help you or advise you to have a GT40 in France will be with pleasure
  19. Paul Ricard

    Gt40 p/2000

    Clement Lazzaro Photographer - Index