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  1. cscott67

    "Parrot Beak" rear clip brackets

    I had some extra sets made when I went to the machinist to make aluminum copies for my cars. These are cnc copies of an original. I am selling them for $200 a set to cover material and programming costs. I will ship them free anywhere in CONUS for that price. Anywhere outside of that the...
  2. cscott67

    For the political pundits.........

    Anyone seen the new movie "2016", or care to comment? (sorry if I am playing a little "lonesome BOB", but I do enjoy the mostly friendly banter of political views you all share) I will check back in after watching it this week, Scott
  3. cscott67

    Double adjustable front coil-over settings....

    Anyone have any starting street settings for the QA1 double adjustables on the front of an RCR40? Thanks in advance, Scott
  4. cscott67

    Rear hub bearings?

    Does anyone know if the rear hub bearngs on the RCR gt40s are c4/ or c/5? I have to replace one, and need info. Thanks, Scott
  5. cscott67

    Tank switching valve....

    Can anyone reccomend a bullet-proof electric-valve to use when switching from one tank to the other? (I am running a carb) Can't seem to find anything in jegs or summit. Thanks, Scott
  6. cscott67

    Hello to all.....

    I recently bought Simon Winter's (gt40guy) KVA MK1 project. I'm sure I'll be asking more questions as the progress continues. Thanks in advance for any advice and help, Scott