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    er, I think the author needs counsel!

    o_O:confused::D:DThese Old Ugly Cars Were Surprisingly Powerful (
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    DAX Wiring

    For what they're worth, not a lot!, but do have some specific information, here are the files I got with my car. Dave
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    Heart Rate fun

    I got a Fitbit watch for my birthday back in March, so have had plenty of time to see what my heart rate does in different conditions. In ascending order we have Sleeping 55bpm Resting 60bpm Working at computer 74bpm Driving a BMW 320D 98bpm Cutting hedge Friday Afternoon 113bpm s*x 115bpm -...
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    GT40 and Ultima GTR

    Visit from my friend Bill with his awesome Ultima GTR 6.2 Litre Twin Turbo LS3.
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    Fittings for 600 -4 hose to 1/4" hard tube?

    I am struggling to find a fitting to join this 600 -4 hose to this hard 1/4" tube. Clearly needs a -4 hose end fitting to -4 compression but searched a while snd not found anything. Any help appreciated Dave
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    Starter Motor Type RAC517?

    Having issues when hot with weak starting, so looking at high torque starter and replacing cables. Renault UN1 transaxle and Ford V6 flywheel but starter seems to be different to the normal RAC407 type but with same 9 teeth pinion. As far as I can tell it is RAC517 The mounting hole pitch...
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    Help. Engine speed dips and stalls when changing down.

    Changing down when coming to a stop, when I dip the clutch engine speed undershoots and sometimes it stops. Tickover and starting is fine and if I slow right down to <1000rpm before dipping clutch it drops to tickover as normal. I opened the throttle stops to give it more air but still the same...
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    Engine speed dips and stalls when changing down.

    Sorry, tablet prob, see other thread same title.
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    GTD rod change guide?

    Guys, the pic shows the rear guide on my DAX40 rod change to UN1 transaxle. Like a lot of DAX components it could be GTD. Can anyone tell me if it is and where to obtain one? It seems to be a cast in or pushed in rubber with a thin metallic or fibre sleeve that has fallen out so there is too...
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    Identify this replica chassis pls?

    A friend sent me these photos. Identify chassis, anyone recognise the car? Sorry about the rotation in one photo. Dave
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    Argyll Festival of Performance club display and free tickets.

    A friend is getting together a group of cars for a 'club stand' at the Argyll Festival of Performance on 2nd and 3rd June 2018. Based on the Cobra Drivers Club format of GT40s , Cobras and Sunbeam Tigers, if anyone is interested in bringing their car, staying for the weekend with free entry to...
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    Has anyone assembled these ht plugs?

    I cant find any info on how to assemble these. Has anyone done these? Getting the lead through the plug is a major challenge but after this and crimping I am not sure whether the brass plug ends up with a 90deg bend in it and exactly how the white plastic sleeve goes in. These are for the ford...
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    Pics from Rest and Be Thankful 2017

    Some great pictures from this years Classic Car Tours event at the Rest! Rest and Be Thankful 2017 Check out the polished alu Cobra! Dave
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    Can I connect Icknield Rev Counter to ecu?

    I have an Icknield rev counter which was connected to the old distributor contact breaker. Will it now work with my Emerald K6 ecu which gives a 0-12v pulsed output? Just in case the answer is no you will kill the rev counter. :stunned: Dave
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    AFR gauge recommendation?

    I looked for wideband AFR gauges, which seemed a little overpriced for what I thought was essentially a 0-5V gauge. (I already have a Bosch WB sensor and controller feeding 0-5v to an Emerald K6 ecu). So, I tried my multimeter, but impedance is too low and drags down the signal to the ecu. Any...
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    Help! Jenveys butterfly looseness.

    Started to balance Jenvey pairs at idle. Number 5 was reading 3 times more flow than all the others including its brother number 6. I see that the butterfly has some play relative to its brother which explains the symptom. I tried to remove screws holding the Jenvey nameplate on but couldn't...
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    Anyone recommend a Rolling Road Scotland?

    Glasgow Edinburgh area? Dave
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    Insurance companies

    UK Has anyone dealt with AIB insurance brokers / KGM underwriters? just getting some quotes in. Dave
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    Plug leads for Gen II Ford coils.

    What's the solution here, buy Gen II coil end connectors and mod my own leads, get 2 sets of Fiesta leads or what have others done. Coils are mounted at the front end of each cylinder head, so I need to watch out for a little additional length for the leads that cross to the other side. Dave
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    Cam Synch or distributor stub for EFI

    Are there any uk sources for Dorman 689-103 cam synch or other EFI distributor stub for 302 SBF? Dave