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    Long live the king

    Today we will have à king !!! THE queen steps down after à period of 33 years.
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    Oil level diagram

    Does Anyone have à diagram of à 302 where you can see wat THE oil level should be ? Its so i can fix my dipstick
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    parts for sale

    I'm trying to clean up the garage a bit and have for sale -bellhousing from a pantera looking for 200 euro -two mounts for a zf 50 euro -two girling 70 maincylinders (used but looks new)...
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    Anybody found à buried gt ?

    Found this film about à buried Ferrari Mystery Of The Buried Ferrari Dino Solved -- JALOPNIK ON DRIVE - YouTube
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    goodwood revivel 2011

    anyone attending the goodwood revivel this year ? w're planning on doing so the 17th of september by plane leaving early from holland teuve airport with a antonov2 landing on goodwood staying there all day and leaving late to holland again Classic Wings realy looking forward to this event...
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    spa 2010

    I've been to spa with my daughter yesterday evening and this morning. saw a couple of gt's getting sooked because it was raining so hard. spoke to phil who was quite lucky he made some 360's with his gtd without hitting anything so he went home in one piece as wel as his car (hope he got home...
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    a couple of weeks

    In a couple of weeks i can start working on my car again The reason for this delay is that we bought a new house with a big garage so i can work on the car at home now and we're getting the key's the first of september so i'll be able to get a lot of work done this fall and winter and still...
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    black queensday

    What started as a happy sunny day with lot's of chearfull people ended in tragedy. we all saw this life on the tv Attempted attack on Dutch royal family leaves 5 dead - as they all say you only need one madman frank
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    playing with sand

    I know i like to build a sand casttle but these guys take it to an other level every year there is a sand sculpture festival here at the beach of scheveningen this year they made a casttle and the dimensions are 30 meter long 14 meter wide and 8,5 high
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    Sticky tires

    How about this for maximum grip YouTube - Camaro Fail
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    water problem ?

    I know you should´nt be driving in the rain.... but if you do what about the water what comes into the holes of the chassis at the back by the lower push rods ? are there solutions for ? Frank
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    discovery ultimate cars gt40 917

    Don´t know if posted already but two links Ultimate Cars - Racers - Ford GT40 : Discovery Channel Ultimate Cars - Racers - Porsche 917 : Discovery Channel nice footage frank
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    sw fuelpump on ebay

    if anyone is iterrested 260345435146 nothing to do with me Frank
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    a 351 and exhaust

    nothing to do with me ford 351 engine on eBay, also Engine Tuning Parts, Performance Tuning Parts, Car Tuning Styling, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 20-Jun-08 21:31:57 BST) frank
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    What a surprise when my two brothers and a couple of friends came to take me for my bachelorparty This is were we went Skydive maken of cadeau geven? Kom langs en bestel online! I was affraid because i just got operated on my knee but that went just fine It's a real experience frank
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    French exhaust

    scroll down the page and see ............ Frank
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    someone with some free time

    see the transformation of a nsx to a f50 Frank
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    for sale in france

    nothing to do with me found it on a french kitcarforum Réplique FORD GT 40 (mercadié) Equipement Auto / Moto Ariège -
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    I have been searching on the forum but can't find it What is the 'best' distributor to use ? I've got a 302 and planning to use a msd 6al with a 8000 rev limiter (8300rev n.a) I did find a few on ebay but am not sure which one would fit the best Any advice appreciated Frank
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    kva cooling ?

    I'm thinking about changing my coolingpipes (at the moment there underneath the tanks) are there kva's type c owners who use the central chassis beams for cooling can you post a picture or other solutions (without cutting the chassis in two ) Frank