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    Porsc boxer or audi/vw box need fwd only

    Porsche 986 Boxster 2.7L 5 speed transmission 00-04 OEM - eBay (item 310291172862 end time Feb-24-11 22:53:21 PST) audi 2.7L turbo tans maybe? are they allweel drive her in us ? going to be runing a ford 4.6 dohc mod motor
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    hi i need help with audi tran for a mod motor you car i think has a mod ford in it cant tell for...

    hi i need help with audi tran for a mod motor you car i think has a mod ford in it cant tell for sure i any to you a newer audi trans was your a fwd or was it a awd coverted ??? what did yours come out of ??? who made you adaptor set up
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    hey do you hsvr the mod ford to o16 tran adaptors

    hey do you hsvr the mod ford to o16 tran adaptors
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    Scratch built GT90

    One 4.6 ford car One V12 speed run car .. the gt90 had .32 drag. with 1000 hp i could go faster then 253!!! and with 1200-1500 i could go into the high 260 maybe 270s one 3.8 ford SC motor and 2 jet drives and lot of foam water car like james bond car.. I have been working with a company in...
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    GTD dismantling

    why are you car stripping it back to a bare chassis ? you could sell and buy a New nicer car easy A put together low end car it worth more then most nice kits and parts cost? PS just Asking ....not trying to be mean ...
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    Ford 289 bearings

    Clevite 77's bearings and turn over the cam bearingand drill a hole about half of the organal hole this i a cheap way to send more oil to the mains and restict oil to the cam .. sorry i dont spell to good
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    Scratch built GT90

    Of course if your funds permit you go after the Bugatti Veyron Pushed To 407 km/h Brammo Motorsports, LLC - Brammo V12 you have to see this motor and trans axel ... Brammo Motorsports, LLC has partnered with Ryan Falconer Industries to bring the famous Falconer V12 to the automotive...
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    Scratch built GT90

    trying to rain on my prade lol .. Not a chance i have have way to much into it so far to back out. maybe join forces to get the glass done right Where you get your files at? or did you scan a model? i might go to molds in the next month just got back to day form my friends shop you are...
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    Scratch built GT90

    OK two years and $4000 dollors to get a clean right cad files So I finely got my Cad files to Scale and checked the Wheel Base on the GT90 is all correct. So i have sent the files to Detroit to get them Sliced so i can print them and make rib formers so now i have to buy a 42in printer and...
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    ford 4.6 block and crank pattern diagram?

    ford 4.6 block and crank pattern diagram? like a enginer's bolt pattern for the crank and back of block ?
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    steering rack? mpv?

    streering rank i know people have used them on some kit cars have any one use on here and do you have the distance from end to end? is there any rank longer then a MPV i am bluilding a GT90 i need to get my trank with out to 67.3 front and 63.5 rear
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    Audi case saver plate

    hey can you scan the plate and post it ? so i could use it as a template? pls
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    Audi 016 Owners/Users

    i made a template of a block .. i havent got the dims off of it yet i thinking of making my own
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    drive plate

    use a 96 lincon coupe flex plate they went to the 2cam in 96 if it was the coupe it was a auto trans it was the same motor but the intake and cam are a little diffent
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    Using Audi 4wd transaxles

    are you trying to make if 4wd or 2 wd .... i think you have to lock up the transfer part to use it 2wd ... when i use subru trans i have to lock up part it the trans to make then 2wd
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    O1E trans ID

    i never said it cant be done
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    O1E trans ID

    i have thought about that for a long time i know how to do the front end i have done it before in a stock car but the transfer case in the hard part i have beenthinking about using the chain drive set up form a torndo or caddy or a 4' wide cog belt like a blower uses and using a 3...
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    O1E trans ID

    Some of the old links dont work any more and i the one spreadsheet i saw wasnt clear i need a years i just came back form the junk yard and found a O1e with a diffent bell housing on it how you can get o1e's in the use that are fwd but there only 5seeds do you mean fwd ? yu hve AWD and...
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    Audi trans to 4.6 ford any one done it or 01e

    no i wrote about 3 weeks ago .. I allso was talking to a bncproducts Chris they said it would be about 2500aud dollor to get a one of i found a few o1e trans so far in my state one had a diffent bell housing one is broke but he only wants $500us for it one has 2,995 miles on it for...
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    O1E trans ID

    i have seen that but it doesnt say what car to get it out of VW passot wat year ? us or UK S4 6 speed i think will work