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    FS: LS3 525 crate engine (1,200 miles) - $4800 shipped (sold)

    SOLD, no longer available LS3 525 crate engine. Approximately 1,200 miles. $4,800 shipped (shipping included to Canada/US; shipped as a pallet, likely to nearest depot but depending on location could possibly be to door) 1 -...
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    Ricardo Stillen clutch to flywheel bolts

    Does anybody know if the 9 bolts used to bolt the Stillen clutch to the flywheel (-n806178-s437 ) are reusable or single use?
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    How to vent LS3?

    My LS3 is starting to smoke a little bit at cold idle and recently fouled the spark plugs after a few hundred miles. Smoke is from both sides and all spark plugs were fouled evenly, so I don't think its valve seals. When I looked in the intake it had puddles of oil in it. I'm hoping that...
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    930 transaxle puking fluid?

    I have a non-inverted 930. At the top towards the front of the unit there is a swivel fitting that vents fluid. The fititng does not connect to anything, it just sits exposed there pointed rearwards. Any time it's really hot outside, driven hard or on the dyno the vent fitting pukes fluid...
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    How difficult is it to build a detached garage?

    I've been calling around for quotes on a 3 car detached garage expansion and people are trying to tell me $110-$150k. Da faq? For somebody with limited craftmanship skills, how dificult is it to build a garage? I imagine pieces like electrical and foundation should be subbed out, but the rest...
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    FS USA FS: 15'' Avon historic all-weather racing slicks

    Hand-cut racing slicks w/ historical pattern 2x 9.1/23.5/15 (front) 2x 13.0/25.0/15 (rear) A11 compound 15" Historic all weather | Avon Motorsport $1000USD takes the 4 tires. Shipping will be exact cost to buyer (I'm guessing probably $200 ... I can ship the tires as is, or put them in a box...
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    Fender mounted mirrors

    Does anybody have any recommendations for fender-mounted mirrors that don't look like ass and offer acceptable rear visibility? So far the Vitaloni Sebring mirrors seems interesting - convex and look okay on a gt40 (no idea about a 917)...
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    Helper springs

    My chassis is very stiff and when taking a steep left-hand turn going uphill (e.g., road-to-uphill-driveway) the front right tire ever-so-slightly lifts off the ground and the suspension is deloaded (i.e., spring flopping around with potential for spring hat to fall off). Right now my solution...
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    FS: Holley Dominator ECU + LS Harness/Accessories

    FS: Holley Dominator ECU + All LS Harnesses & Accessories $2,100USD Shipped. Virtually unused - I had it installed in my car with about 30 minutes of run time, but opted to go a different direction. Includes: -Dominator ECU V2 (firmware flashed to V4) -LSX fuel injector harness (for...
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    FS: Harrop LS3 Hurricane ITB Manifold (DBW)

    FS: Harrop LS3 Hurricane ITB Manifold (DBW) $3,600USD shipped (costs $5,500USD from Harrop after shipping/customs) Drive-by-wire version setup for the early model ETC ("silver" throttle body). I've bench tested it using a GMPP crate engine ECU setup for a late-model ETC ("gold" throttle...
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    Single or double shear shock mount

    I'm trying to understand if my front shock mount is in single or double shear and if this is okay (i think it is, but never seen a design like this) Two tabs are welded onto the lower control arm One of the tabs has a 1/2'' hole, the other side has a 1'' hole The side w/ the 1'' hole has a...
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    Suspension brackets

    Are the suspension brackets that the UCAs and shocks bolt to plated/galvenized/etc... or should they be powerdercoated to prevent surface rust?
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    Steering rack boot equivilents?

    My steering rack travels through the chassis - the boot doesn't last too long before being torn to shreds. Is there such a thing as a ?cap? that only protects the very end (around the rack) as opposed to a boot that is several inches long? Short of that the only way I can see to solve my...
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    Charcoal inside gas tank?

    My charcoal canister is just a billet cylinder that is filled with charcoal; inlet (with a mesh screen) on the bottom, breather on the top. Because of space limitations the only way I can get to it and not form a p-trap with my hose is to run my vent hose to the top (inlet outlet) and let it...
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    Plumbing PCV ventilation with a Harrop ITB

    I know a few of you are running the Harrop ITB with mesh filters (i.e., no air box). How are you plumbing the connections that normally go to the intake manifold/intake tubing, specifically the "snout" that exits the valley cover and the breather fittings on the valve covers. I'm thinking of...
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    930 transaxle - reverse

    I'm having trouble (maybe) finding reverse on my 930 transaxle. I can push the shifting rod all the way in/out (1,2), and I can turn it clockwise about 1/4'' or so and push it in/out (3,4). I've been told, and have read, that reverse in a 930 is turn counterclockwise and push in. But i can't...
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    Extending dominator ECU DBW harness

    Has anybody here extended their Dominator ECU DBW wiring harness from one of those companies that manufacturers extension harnesses (i.e., not by not by cutting/splicing wires yourself) For some reason Holley gives you like 50% less DBW wire (at the gas pedal) than the GMPP ecu box .... no way...
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    Mounting radiator to frame & transaxle?

    Would using the frame and transaxle to mount a radiator be a bad idea, assuming the transaxle and engine is solid mounted to the frame? I'm assuming the frame won't move and since the driveline is solid bolted to the frame it also can't go anywhere, so I think as long as it's rubber mounted at...
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    917 plastic windshield

    I've been contemplating having a molded (formed) plastic windshield made for a 917. It would be of a hardened, scratch-resistant material, such as a lexan mr10 w/ mar guard (or equivalent). It would be based on an RCR car, so no idea about fitment with an original, Bailey Edwards, etc... I...
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    Daisy chain radiator bleed lines?

    If i have 2 radiators, one on each side of the car, can I daisy chain the bleed lines together? (i.e., go from 1 rad to the other, then at that rad T it and take it to a high point in my expansion tank) I'm pretty sure i can because what's the difference between daisy chaining 2 rads together...