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    Ole mate logan at it again - Roaring Forties Content

    It seems as though this bloke just doesn't posses even 1 iota of remorse, as i see he's up and running again. I wonder how many people will get burnt this time. kaspa
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    RCR visit

    Hi Guys, i am very fortunate to be able to say that i will be in Detroit to visit Fran the last week in Oct if anybody is in the neighbourhood and would like to catch up, my wife and i will arrive New york for 3 nights on Sat the 26th and fly up to see Fran on Tues 29th and will be there until...
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    A short clip of the McLaren replica leaving the line

    a little bit of wheel spin i notice.
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    X Mass greetings

    To all of the group that is GT40's, firstly a big thank you for all the kind words and encouragement over this past year, it all paid off thankfully and the Macca is finished. So to each and all i would like to wish you a very merry X Mass, may Santa bring lots of goodies for your projects, and...
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    Photobucket has got greedy

    has anyone else been hit with their new ruling, you cant post pics to a 3rd party ie forum etc unless you upgrade to a go pluss acc at $400 a year, from free. talk about inflation WTF. cheers John
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    WTB 016 clutch release arm

    Hi guys on the hunt for an Audi 016 clutch release arm to go in the bell housing. release bearing carrier as wont go astray. any leads appreciated cheers John
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    prospective customer wants advice

    Ive talked a bloke out of getting me to build him a McLaren, for a few reasons and have him interested in either an RCR 917 or an SLC. it will be a track only car with LS engine, so are there any advantages, disadvantages in one against the other. size wise he's approx. 6 ft around the 200lb...
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    T70 spyder

    One of the guys that showed an interest in getting me to build them a car like mine is very keen on a T70, and as it will be an out and out race car he's has heard they are rather heavy, and is a bit concerned, so my question is what is the weight of a competed car with an LS dry so I can let...
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    IS RCR closed for holidays

    Does any body know if RCR is closed for some holiday or something, ive been trying to contact the shop all week between 3 and 4 pm and all I get is the answer phone. John
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    Genuine Lotus seven Series 2 for sale

    thought I might put this up here as some one might know some one etc who may like to own this beauty. its a 1963 series 2, chassis number SB 1370 with 22000 genuine miles on the clock, 1500 pre cross flow Cosworth enhanced engine on Webers, only thing altered from orig is it has an alternator...
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    Audi 016 FWD 5 speed trans

    I have a 016 trans I brought as a spare in case the 012 gave up the ghost in the back of the F5000 but it never did, and car has now been sold I no longer need this one. details its coded 3V, so it has the following ratios, 1st= 3.60, 2nd=2.13, 3rd=1.46, 4th=1.07, 5th=0.83, with a 3.89...
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    Are we alone

    Some thing i have been pondering lately, as you do when your bored, and the big question is are we the only ones in this vast expanse of the universe, do we believe history as we know it or are there truths in many of the so called myths that are written about by so many different races from...
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    Joest Porsche WSC car

    To all of those good people that purchased the disc from me to build this magnificent car, i may have some exciting developments for you all. i would have contacted you all individually but i had a computer melt down earlier this year and lost all my records etc, so if you want to recontact me...
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    WTB 930 trans

    I'm looking for a 930 4speed trans pref with an LSD if any body knows of one out there. cheers Kaspa
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    Griffen transmision

    Any body know if these are in production yet,? kaspa
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    today we lost the Butterfly

    Sad to here today of the passing of the greatest sportsman we've ever seen, Mohamed Ali passed away, RIP big guy. kaspa
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    Inverted 930 trans mount

    I thought id offer my solution to the mounting of an inverted 930 box custom made bracket contoured to shape and uses an off the shelf OEM Ford trans mount and it just bolts to a 40x25 HRS tube welded across the bottom rails. cheers Kaspa
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    RCR down under

    It was a wild wet and miserable day yesterday so i got the signs put on the ute, RCR has now a presence in Aus again. And i feel very privileged to be given the honour of having it on the side of my car. cheers Kaspa
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    i hope evryones ok in Nth US

    Been watching the news and you look like your getting your winters snow fall in one hit, hope everyone is warm and safe. kaspa
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    i thought i my as well start a new thread for the 5000 and leave the other just for the 40 as it should be. so with that in mind progress to date, firstly one of the problems with the MK1 is you cant left foot brake, or tap up the brake pedal because the steering shaft goes right between the...