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  1. Fivepointseven

    External mirrors

    I need some advise: for the external mirrors, I plan formula 1 types. Saw in the past that they where directly bolted in the plastic side windows, while others used supporting parts/sheets, bolted above the side windows and carrying the mirrors. Any pro and cons?
  2. Fivepointseven

    KVA / SGT build

    For almost 18 month, I am working on my mixed KVA (panels) and SGT (chassis) MKI project, feeding a blog in German so far. Since still people are reading my stuff, I decided to also let the world know what I am doing in my spare time. It all starts with really bad panels, that I bought for a...
  3. Fivepointseven

    Exhaust manifold

    Hi, I am looking for a exhaust system for my GT40 in stainless steel. Does someone has a good source in Europe? Thanks, Udo
  4. Fivepointseven

    Audi 01E gear shifter

    Hi, I am looking for a ready to install gear shifter for my Audi 01E. Can anybody help on this? Thanks in advance, Udo
  5. Fivepointseven


    Hi, I am looking for seats, but don't want the typical replica one, looking for a more racing-type of seat. Does anyone have recommendation for me? Any experience with the Tillett "w" seats? Thanks, Udo
  6. Fivepointseven

    Cockpit ventilation

    Hi, can someone provide information about ventilation methods from front clip air ducts into the cockpit?
  7. Fivepointseven

    Expansion tanks

    Hi, does somebody know if the expansion tanks in original design (with cubic recess) are currently manufactured? Thanks, Udo
  8. Fivepointseven

    Hartwell body catches

    Hi, I am looking for a set of Hartwell body catches - replicas are OK. Does anybody know where to get them for a reasonable price, or recommend some similar-looking alternatives? Thanks, Udo
  9. Fivepointseven

    FS EU KVA frame

    Hi, I have a KVA GT40 frame with welded Cortina front suspension. The former owner cut off the rear part of the frame (the engine bay is missing, frame stops after the partition wall), so I can offer frame front for sale. It sits in the middle of Germany for pickup. Pls call +49 172 23 57 546...
  10. Fivepointseven

    KVA frame

    I'm close to buy a 'basic kit' of KVA. Two things open: - there's no rear part of the frame. Someone cut it off. Does anybody have some ideas what and how to re-build? - there is a Cortina front suspension - shall I keep it, or is there something that makes more sense?
  11. Fivepointseven

    New - need roof in the car

    Hi, after I finished the build of my Cobra GD kit, I am looking for its successor. Saw a KVA kit, and Not sure if I shall buy!