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    GTD at Goodwood

    GTD does £82,140.00 at Goodwood Revival Bonhams Auction.
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    Mark Hales

    I've donated. Track Driver Magazine Team | Mark Hales Piper Case Appeal
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    Le-Mans Video 2012

    My in car video from this year. [url=]GT40 2012 Le-Mans Classic Pt1
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    Manchester Classic Car Show

    Great show over the weekend at Event City near the Trafford Centre in Manchester. Myself and Pete Thompson had our car there on the Enthusiasts Stand with my car only back from the painters day's previously. The stand generated great interest with the public and it was a very enjoyable...
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    Manx Classic 2012

    The Manx Classic takes place in April and at present 4 GT40's will be in attendance all from the North West as all the Southern puffters don't like to come up North!!!! A new trophy will be awarded for the Ramsey Llhergy Frissel Hillclimb and will be as a replacement to the Baines Trophy which...
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    Paris A380

    Guess this is why the A380 didn't fly at the Paris Airshow!
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    Nice bit of driving!

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    Practice Day at Harewood House

    Just a short video of a practice day at Harewood house last weekend. YouTube - GT40 Harewood Practice Day 27-03-11
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    Technical advances for transaxles!

    YouTube - Entabulator.wmv
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    Manx Classic

    Who is going this year to spectate and compete. Martin
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    Camera found at Classic Le-Mans

    A camera was found at the Classic Le-Mans in tent at the infield GT40 parking area. Please contact me if you lost a camera as I have it in my possession.
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    Transponders for Le-Mans Classic

    Can anyone give step by step guide to getting a transponder to clear the toll gates in France. The Sanef site is not that clear and some of the links don't work. Could do with also knowing also what they cost and what payment plan to go on. Regards Martin
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    Gelscoe trip

    Just a quick one to ask what is happening re the trip to Gelscoe mentioned at the AGM. Regards Martin.
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    Porsche 908

    Hi All As my GT40 comes to completion I am starting a Porsche 908 build. I have the body purchased along with all the uprights which have been made by John Wisher and are fantastic. At present the chassis is being put onto cad to be sent for the tubes to be laser cut in the next month or two.
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    The Isle of Man

    Yesterday it was announced that the UK government will be ending the reciprocal health arrangements with the Isle of Man. BBC News - UK unmoved over Isle of Man health agreement...
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    Lock nuts.

    Does anyone know the correct fitting of lock nuts the type with the plastic ring at the top? Its my understanding that two threads should be showing through the top of the nut, at least for aviation use, not sure about SVA requirements. Martin.
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    New back end.

    I have been back and forth to see Mick Sollis at SouthernGT and been following his progress converting a customers KVA to Mick's own lowered rear frame. Thought it would be worth sharing the pictures to show what can be done. Origionally fitted with a Rover engine and Citroen transaxle it now...
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    MDA Hartwell Latches/ Demister Grill

    Just received my set of Hartwell latches and demister grill from MDA. The quality of the bits is fantastic.
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    Kyalami 9 hour.

    On Saturday at Kyalami, South Africa two Superformance GT40s finished 1st and 2nd in class and 2nd overall (to be confirmed) in the three hour race run that afternoon. The cars had been driven from the factory some 750 miles to to compete. Both cars were fitted with ZFQ Transaxles which like the...
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    Ford 302 Short Motor

    For sale in the UK. Ford 302 Roller Block Bored .030 oversize Hyperutectic pistons Moly rings Eagle I beam rods Ford Hypo Camshaft Arp bolts throughout 50oz Flywheel Hydraulic lifters 50oz fluid damper Water pump Melling oile pump Block painted black. £1800.00 ono Martin 07905...