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  1. sswartz

    American Car Party Tricks...1963-1972

    What's better than American car party tricks on the 4th of July? I was aware of many of these, but I didn't know that there were sequential turn signals in 1966.
  2. sswartz

    RPS Triple Carbon/Carbon Clutch & Flywheel Group Purchase

    I’m looking for at least one more person to join a group purchase of a RPS Triple Carbon/Carbon Clutch & Flywheel for an LS / Albins ST6-M drivetrain. The increased durability is great for racing and the smooth/slippable engagement is pretty much a requirement for the street. Agile Automotive is...
  3. sswartz

    Coronavirus - Excellent Data-Based Analysis

    The following link has the best data-based analysis that I've seen. It's worth reading the entire article. Be safe.
  4. sswartz

    Cockpit-Adjustable SL-C Sway Bars for Sale

    I’m selling my cockpit-adjustable SL-C sway bars. They are the same as on the national championship car and are no longer offered by Superlite. They’re really nice and I’m going to have replacement ones fabricated. Each blade alone costs $350+. I paid $4,999 and I’m selling them for $3,199...
  5. sswartz

    SL-C Nose Hinge Group Buy

    The SL-C’s nose is designed to lift off as a single piece. This works great for a race car because there are always crew members around to help you lift it off and you’re not worried about chipping the paint. However, if your crew is composed of your wife and kids, they’re not always available...
  6. sswartz

    RCR/Superlite Parking Brake for Sale

    I'm selling my RCR/Superlite parking brake. Never installed, but I don't have the cables which I understand can be purchased from Summit for $120. They're $999 on the the Superlite site, so I'm offering them for $399 shipped within continental USA.
  7. sswartz

    2018 Pricing and Content Changes at RCR & Superlite

    On behalf of Fran... For over a decade, RCR & Superlite have been producing car kits without a single price increase despite making improvements and absorbing increased labor and supplier costs. We’re pleased to announce that this practice continues into 2018- there are no price increases for...
  8. sswartz

    RestoMod Air?

    Does anyone have any experience with RestoMod Air? Their units appear to have a lot of advantages: *Electronic controls; mode, temp, dash/defrost/heat *SPAL fan with infinite speed control *Really nice billet control options, including a single button one *Bluetooth control via iOS or Android...
  9. sswartz

    1.21 Jigawatt SL-C

    Peter hosted some fellow SL-C builders (pnut, mesa, mark and myself) at his house in Maine. I got to take a closer look at his car and one of the most interesting things he did was to mount all of the Infinitybox power modules on the rear cockpit wall... there's got to a flux capacitor in there...
  10. sswartz

    S2's Build Thread

    Yeah, the other Scott stole my build thread name so I had to come up with something else. I thought about GreatScott, or TheRealScott and even ScottWhoLikesTheSlcBody, but I settled on S2 My car was delivered last week... about as good as Xmas morning when I got a Six Million Dollar Man action...
  11. sswartz

    New Superlite Cars web site

    The new Superlite site was launched today. Depending on where you are located it can take up to 24 hours for DNS to be updated. If you see the old site click on refresh and if that doesn’t bring up the new site wait a while and try again. Notable changes include the following: *The cars...
  12. sswartz

    RCR/Superlite Factory Visit

    I visited the factory this week. There was a lot to look at and I thought I’d share a few pictures. In any event, Fran was growing a mustache and wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts that were unfashionably too short. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on until I went into the back and...
  13. sswartz

    New SLC Wiki

    I’ve been a long time lurker on this site. I was looking to build a GT40, but have decided on a SLC . I started doing a lot a research and during that process decided that I wanted a better way to organize everything that I learned from all of the great threads on the forum. So I contacted Will...