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    Kaspa, John Steiner

    I am told that Kaspa, AKA John Steiner, is not doing well. John has been an active forum member and an inspiration to many with his amazing builds. John provided me with the basis on which to build my Brabham replica. He provided much knowledge and advice, and many of the parts necessary for me...
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    Steve McQueen: The Lost Movie

    Just watched this. I have no memory of this happening so found it very interesting. Worth a watch if you are interested in 60s F1 or Steve McQueen. Narrated by David Letterman. Thanks to whoever is responsible for this film. Couldn’t decide which area to post this in, hope this is ok. Tim.
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    McLaren M6b body

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could get a McLaren M6b body? Tim.
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    R.I.P. Sir Stirling Moss

    Sad day. Tim.
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    Sebastian Vettel moustache

    Hey Mario! Nuff said. :) Tim.
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    Has anyone bought anything from egaugesplus? A local business (owned and run by a friend of mine) ordered a Mustang dash for me from them but I am told nothing has arrived and they don’t reply to emails etc. The payment worked though... Tim.
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    R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    A huge loss to us all. Thank you for your amazing work. R.I.P. Tim.
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    Bathurst 12 hours

    Best Bathurst I have seen for years! Congrats to Nissan. :) Great race by Bentley and Audi and the others as well. So much variety. 4 seconds faster than the taxicabs! With luck this race will spell the end of the farce that is v8 supercar and its horrible forced monopoly on Australian...
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    Finally, a decent film from Hollywood!

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    Longford revival revival

    Yay! Longford festival revived for 2015 | The Examiner Tim.
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    T5 Behind FE

    I am playing around with a project ATM. It has a forged 455FE with some decent heads, cam etc. Should make a bit of torque. The car currently has a world T5 in it. I am thinking the box might need changing, perhaps a Tremec TKO. Anyone have experience with similar combinations? It makes a BIG...
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    Longford Revival

    Longford in Tasmania hosted major international racing during the fifties and sixties. World champions and their teams came to our tiny island to compete, including my hero Jim Clark. Last year the first of what I hope are many Longford revivals were held. I was extremely happy to be a part of...
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    Advice wanted

    It is very likely that I will be moving to England or nearby within the next couple of years. This is a complicated process. Checking out schools etc has been my first priority but I am now trying to get my head around how I will best be able to pursue my car hobby. I am thinking of bringing...
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    Jag project

    Hi chaps (and folks), I am looking for pic's of modified Jag' XJ6/12s. I have a project that has got to the "how do I want this to look?" point. The car is going to need flares but I am having trouble coming up with something suitable. I have pictures of the Steed Jag' from The Avengers but...
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    A photo of a paddock

    Someone sent me this. A proper paddock. :) I'm wearing the red dress and David from this forum is wearing the blue. Tim.
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    F1 at Bathurst

    Apologies if this is posted somewhere else. Truly amazing stuff - YouTube - Full Onboard Camera Lap of Bathurst with Jenson Button! Tim.
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    Gran Turismo 5

    I realise this won't be for everybody but... The kids gave me GT5 for Christmas. We've looked forward to playing this game for YEARS through all of its delays. We bought a first generation PS3 in anticipation of its imminent release... It seems to play ok so far but I am HUGELY disappointed...
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    Progress report - Roaring Forties no' 085

    Most of you will have forgotten this car existed, but anyway... It's finally getting to the point where I might be able to drive it again. :) Due to some third parties ruining the engine for me and then making it very difficult to get the bits back (I paid the bill, they didn't deliver the...
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    Hamilton Fine

    Fined $500 for "intentionally losing control of a vehicle" - a "burnout" in English. Yeah right... Completely out of control he was... Bad example, hooning or not, that is a dumb charge. Tim.
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    Top Gear 25/7

    Wow, just Wow! Amazing show! Veyron at 417 and then 431kph, a scientologist on two wheels, and a really great tribute to Senna. Some nice Swedish scenery as well (this was a bit too staged for me). I think this is my new favourite TG episode, Reliant shuttle comes second now. R.I.P. Ayrton...