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    Vintage Car Photos.

    I have been a member for awhile and I hope this is ok for me to do this. This is for the forum members viewing pleasure. The link below is my photo blog. Everyday I will be posting vintage photos of race cars. Mainy will be of GT40s and other great American race cars of the 60's. Thank you...
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    New Book!

    There is a new book out titled "Go Like Hell Ford, Ferrari, and their battle" My dad just picked it up for me and i have not yet started reading it as I am a bit occupied moving out and packing for college. I will let you know how it is as I read through it. Cheers
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    MKII XGT 1 history?

    I was wondering if any one can give me more knowledge on this car. I know it raced at LeMans and is now resting at the Simeone Museum. If there is anything else to this car I would love to hear it. I guess any knowledge of the XGT MKII would be appreciated! Thank you!
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    Gt40 x-1 110a

    I was wondering if the sister chassis of the 1966 Sebring winning car is still floating around in the United States. I believe the chassis number is 110A. Thank you.