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    Strongest transaxles
  2. gt40fran

    Door sealing issues at high speed? Design flaw?

    Shaun that’s awesome lol
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    Door sealing issues at high speed? Design flaw?

    physics can’t be beaten nothing has changed during the last 50 years from a gt40 to an SLC in reality i’m happy to have my SLC share the same issues a multi million dollar design team had .. in fact the most expensive race program in history it’s an easy fix though in reality feel free to...
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    ***SOLD*** LT4 SLC FOR SALE ***SOLD***

    Kyle you’re off track Sir
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    Questions about SLC wheel offset and carbon ceramic conversion

    Bob, we've made different uprights to accommodate the mounting of the ZR1 brakes on an SLC but not for an 18 inch wheel package. There's a very good reason that chassis bears a striking resemblance to both an RCR40 and an SLC ;)
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    Registration/Title issues

    Lee we sold the kit to the original purchaser not to the current owner it’s actually illegal to “title hop” meaning not to register ownership Kyle has contacted us already
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    QBE62G Not available for the foreseeable

    I just got off the phone with Quaife, as we have had transaxles on order with them for a long time with little to no feedback !! "call back in 12 months for an update and we will be able to update you with more information then about its possible return."
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    Dave Morton

    RIP Dave and deepest condolences to his family
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    New Tremec TR-9070 DCT in a SLC?

    Bob no need for twin tesla drives a single unit will do the job for RWD I have explored AWD multiple times in an SLC but nobody has ventured to do it.
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    That is a personal car built for a customer 8 years ago , he since sold it and the car belongs to a car collector in California It’s the only lhd one too The videos are at least 4-5 years old
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    Camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

    Thanks offense taken. spf supplied the Cobras but we did supply all variations of the 40s
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    Camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

    The cars are actually RCR40s that were sectioned and lengthened . We RCR built 28 pieces for the movie in total...not all RCR40s btw , multiple marques.
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    SLC Windshield

    Windscreens are now three weeks out as quoted from our supplier last week. We have been out of stock of extra for approx. six months but we have no control over when our OEM glass supplier fits us into their schedule...they have also had a change in company policy/ownership and new
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    Hello from New member!!!!

    Come see us at the shop...we have a pair of cars in stock for sale almost new and one needing a little tlc but a good deal can be had
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    SLC exhaust options

    That's very similar to how we do them here at the shop too....quite a lot of work but the results work well.
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    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    Steve it uses the same cables ..we made the shift shaft accommodate the rod ends on those cables.
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    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    two specific for the 2 inch slc tunnel and the other flat mount for the GTR/Aero
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    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    Yup!!! And a sliding reverse lockout not shown on the pics...the small window above the reverse gate is the lockout slides home...its also spring loaded so it self closes as you move out of reverse gear
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    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    Superlite is pleased to announce general availability of their new in-house designed and CNC-machined billet shifter for the Graziano transaxle cars. Many builders have expressed a preference for the OEM Audi R8 shifter because of its improved feel and appearance, but these are increasingly...
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    CamT's build thread

    Check out the FB link for official release info Ill put a post up on the forum too for the non social media guys and girls.