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    SLC for sale in Canada

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    SLC for sale in Canada

    BTT Price reduced
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    WTB SLC completed or rolling chassis

    I have one for sell take a look in the for sale part of the forum. Cheers, Grant
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    WTB SL-C in US (Finished)

    I have one for sell it is in Canada but it shouldn't be to difficult to get it into the states, take a look in the for sale part of the forum if your interested. Cheers, Grant
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    SL-C wanted

    I have one for sell take a look in the for sale part of the forum. Cheers, Grant
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    Actively Looking for SLC

    Hello Brian I have one for sale if your interested you can contact me at [email protected] Cheers, Grant
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    SLC for sale in Canada

    Thanks for the heads up Brian, Cheers, Grant
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    SLC for sale in Canada

    Turn key Superlite for sale Registered as a 2015 in Alberta wasn't actually driven till mid 2016 Car hasn't been driven much at all and is why I am selling I just have no time and its a shame to see it sitting all year, every year. It came in second at the world of wheels only because I left the...
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    ***SOLD RCR SLC LT4 for sale SOLD***

    Oh Wow Ross you are giving it away at that price. I was thinking about selling mine too but not that low.
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    NEW SLC LOOK!!!!

    KInda reminds me of this rendering
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    possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

    Fran will this Fit?
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    Strange stress crack

    Yes I have some too, Not as bad as yours though. Wow that sucks. Least your car is Black I cant fix mine as its a candy. Im just gonna wait a few more years by then everything that can go wrong hopefully will.
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    Superlite For Sale - Sort Of

    Yeah I would bet it is a movie buggy, They should keep it for the next Mad max movie.
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    SLC Windshield

    The reason I was given why we can't use polycarbonate wasn't that it isn't safe, on the contrary it's actually too safe. if the fire dept needs to break the windshield or side glass to get you out of the car incase of an accident they can't, polycarbonate won't break.
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    SLC Windshield

    Not sure about the laws where you live but in Canada, lexan is not permitted for the windshield or side windows, The windshield must be safety glass and have a DOT stamp that has a specific number designation. After it has passed inspection you can swap it out but it won't be legal. The side...
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    SLC Windshield

    This might be of some help Supercar Lite Parts Also there is a company in Vancouver BC that will make you a glass DOT windshield I just don't remember who posted the info but you might be able to google them ??
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    Grant's SL-C Build tread

    Hi Joel, Its was a big project, You have a lot of great info to pull from now. This forum pretty much covers everything you can think of and every one on here is very helpful. Have fun with your build and enjoy the car.
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    rear view Camera

    Tino yes I have seen those converters I might go there yet. If you get that system all worked out you will have yourself something a lot of builders will want. Myself and I believe Yos gave a guy some money a few years back who was developing this exact system you are working on now but he...
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    rear view Camera

    Hi Tino, I have the Parrot asteroid tablet mounted into the dash it will do everything music, GPS, blue tooth, WiFi. A USB camera will plug right in and work but I cant find a rear view camera that is USB, they are all RCA. The only thing that I could find that works so far are the webcams but...