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    Small side window vents, hinges and catches!

    Hi guys! I need help finding the "correct" hinges and catches for the small vent windows. Thanks //Daniel
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    How many Lola T70 are there in the world...?

    How many did GTD deliver? How many original Lola car is there? By the way I bought a Lola T70 IIIB last week. More pictures can be found on my homepage (look at signature) under Pictures.
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    My MDA GT40 Buildpage!

    I've added some more pictures. I'm trying to update the page continuously. My MDA GT40 Buildpage Look for more pictures on the page.
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    Clutch, flywheel, pressure plate and release bearing?

    I have a Ford 302 and a Renault 21T with a Ren 30 bellhouse. About 350hp. Everyday use. Not for track. Can you give me any tips which ones I should use with the above...? And where I can find them?
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    Ford Racing carpets

    Does anyone know where I can buy these Ford Racing carpets? I noticed that John Schneider have them in his GT40. Please help me with this.