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    Help required - GM Parts source

    Thanks, much appreciated.
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    Help required - GM Parts source

    Thanks Ken. Seems I was searching for just the brakes, and didn't consider looking at the hubs. Walter, if they're happy to ship to Aus, I'd really appreciate the lead to your known source. Thanks
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    Help required - GM Parts source

    I'm trying to track down any suppliers that sell GM parts (new or used), namely C5 / C6 Corvette park brake assemblies. I'm running C6 ZR1 carbon brakes, and want to install the park brake assemblies inside the rear drums. Chasing backing plates, shoes, springs, actuators, etc. Any help would...
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    Help needed with axle/cv joint assembly

    Other way around? Shaft in the freezer, gear in the oven?
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    Wide GT40 Front End

    I'm looking for pictures of any 40s that have had the front wheel arches widened or modified. Thanks in advance.
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    Transmission cooler

    When you say they're very noisy, are you referring to a fan mounted on the cooler?
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    RIP Gordon Spice

    Gordy was a good friend of mine, he was such an amazing character. The best story teller of our time, and just a pleasure to be around (and to share a few glasses of Captain Morgans!)
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    Hello! and Ferrari 512M project

    Talk to RCR, they should be able to help you out.
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    Absolute Pace GT 40

    No, don't have it any more. They're not too hard to find, although most have the hydraulic F1 shift system attached. The gated 6spd mechanism swaps easily, as they are the same gearbox. The big black crash structure on the rear of the box can be machined off, to shorten it by around 100mm+...
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    Absolute Pace GT 40

    Hi Joe. Yes, Mine is the Ferrari powered one. Plenty of gearbox options, including Graziano boxes designed for other cars. I had a Ferrari 360 standard 6spd gearbox just laying around which is made by Graziano, another avenue to explore...
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    Absolute Pace GT 40

    No problems. Let me now if you need any info on the Pace 40 build.
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    Absolute Pace GT 40

    What state are you in Joe?
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    AM GT1 Sale

    Side note, a good friend of mine drove AM GT2 back in the day (1969 & 70 from memory) for Escuderia Montjuich with the team owner. I believe they got the car from Paul Hawkins. I've heard some amazing stories about that car.
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    Ferrari Powered GT40

    Sure Bart, what would you like to know? These rims are 18x9 and 18x11, and have been manufactured to a centre bore size of 70.3mm to suit the corvette hubs (5×4.75" / 5x120.65mm) GM pcd. Tyres are R compound Toyo R888r, 245/40-18" and 335/30-18". The first wheels on the car were 15x8 and...
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    Mazzei Formula 5 Rotor Turbo SLC

    Following with interest. Let me know if you need any help with the Holinger. I'm running the MFT Transaxle and pneumatic shifter set up, and the Holinger Engineering factory is 20 minutes from my factory.
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    Pontiac 400 engine

    That depends on what engine you put in there. I agree if you're building a like-for-like steel mono chassis off FAV blue prints, but if it's an aluminium mono, steel spaceframe, or something more exotic like a carbon fibre tub, I don't think resale will depend on what engine is in the back...
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    Questions about SLC wheel offset and carbon ceramic conversion

    Here are the Z06/ZR1 - 393mm Carbon Ceramic rotors on my GT40. I can squeeze an 18" rim over them. Full disclosure, I designed the brake caliper mounts to suit, and there is around 3mm between the caliper and the inner rim, but it does fit. These wheel inners are dead straight behind the...
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    AC Hose Crimper

    The Aeroquip system looks pretty good. I'm about to start from scratch with the AC system, and was wondering what the alternatives were.,
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    New GT40 race car build

    I like the super long length A-Arms up front and inboard rocker suspension, it looks like a well thought out design there. Good luck with the project, and keep the updates coming. Start a Build Log on this site, that'd be great to see as it comes together.
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    Install your transaxle alone with one hand...............ya really!

    Love these ideas. I built a frame for the engine / trans, where the trans can slide along linear bearing rails for servicing. Engine and trans mount locations mirror those in my chassis. Pic shows it during construction...