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    Hotrod is on the road..

    I finally got my Factory Five "33 hotrod" on the road and I'm having a blast. This brings me one step closer to getting a '40, my next project. But this thing is fun. 2280lbs, with all-iron smallblock chevy, and no creature comforts. Raw, smelly, noisy.. perfect!
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    RCR "Gulf style" flares needed?

    I built a GTD40 in England back in 88-93 ish (it's a long time ago!) and I'm hankering after an RCR40 now, so I've started planning. Back then, I built custom 3-piece wheels using a custom billet center and bolt-on rims so I have no idea what width I ended up at - but I used a Bridgestone...
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    Just came across this in the Goodwood newsletter!
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    Some old pics 90-94?

    I created a new album with some old pics from the days when everyone used grainy old film and hardly took photos! I had a lot of fun with this car. The album seems to be in reverse order from getting the chassis, testing at Goodwood (many lovely days spent there!), driving it without paint for...
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    Back from the nineties.. missing my GTD40 mk1

    Hi all, I built a GT Developments GTD40 Mk1 back in early nineties and used it as a daily driver for a couple years, racking up 60,000 miles and visiting many of the big tracks in Europe, including Le Mans. It was white with light blue stripe. I sold it to Tony Cooper in ~93 who I'm told...