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    GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired) **SOLD**

    Hi all, An event has caused me to sell this great car. This was Brian McCarthy's car which traded to Ellis Hubbard. It apparently is the last GTD-40 off the line and is painted gulf racing colors. Below is a link to Brian's build and the build specifications. Looking to get $69,500 :stunned: and...
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    GTD40 R21 Gated Shifter

    Anyone have an actual for sale, specification, or template of a left hand shift, left drive, solid shaft gated shifter for renault R21 5 speed (reverse down and to the left).... :huh: Matt [email protected]
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    R21 Solid Shifter Shaft (not cable) Problems

    Well, GTD40 has an R21 w/ solid shifter shaft and I'm not super pleased at how it shifts. Basically, its difficult to slip into/out of gears. I don't know who manufactured the solid shifter shaft. It is a left hand shift/left hand drive GTD40 (Was Brian's McCarthy's car before he sold it to...
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    Vinyl Gulf Racing

    Where can I find a complete set of gulf racing vinyl's? I have a gulf color GTD40, but it just does not look right without the vinyl livery! Please PM... Thank you, Matt USA, Oregon
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    WTB...Quad 48 IDF Weber Carbs

    Contemplating Quad 48 IDF Weber Carbs on the 302. Anyone have a inexpensive set collecting dust on their shelf? New $3000 from these guys in CA. Ford V8 Webers 818 764-1901 Just on a fishing trip to see... Matt [email protected]
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    Hi...I'm new..Looking to Buy/Purchase Heritage Racing Colors

    Hello all, I've been a follower of for awhile now. I own a FFR cobra painted the GT40 heritage racing colors... Now I am on the hunt for a GT40 painted in heritage racing colors... My excuse to the wife is little brother needs to find his big brother... I'm looking to buy a...
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    Hi GT40

    My name is Portland, OR... I have a '65 cobra painted the heritage racing colors....I get boxed in on the freeway all the time. Looking at a gt40....!!! -matt