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    Fuel pumps CAV

    I have an early CAV GT40 that has Facet pumps. They are not keeping up with the 347 with stack injection on the car. My pumps will be mounted above the tanks. Does anybody have any experience and advice as to which pump will keep up with my fuel needs as well as pull from a tank below the pump...
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    CAV door weatherstrip

    I am trying to locate door weatherstrip for 2002 CAV GT40. Tried CAV dealer, no luck. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gene
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    Early CAV wiring help

    I have encountered wiring problems with my early CAV GT40. I need to talk with someone experienced with the early CAV wiring. During restoration the dash was disassembled, upon reassembly I am having problems with no current to fuel pumps among other things. Johann had some good diagrams, but...