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    Can someone pull together some historical (this site) loose ends

    In reading the various threads on this site, I have come across references to space-frame plans by a person called Mike Osbourne (Osborne). There is a current thread referencing the sale of a set of plans and the fiberglass components by a gentleman in Canada that also references this. A quick...
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    GT40 Enthusiasts Group - value to USA member

    I am curious about the value of the GT40 Enthusiasts Group to someone residing in the USA. My interests are focused on the history and technical aspects of the car. Social events and driving in Great Britain, while interesting, do not fill my cup. Is my $50 annual investment of value? I post it...
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    USA- Tornado builders/owners

    Would like to see a Tornado up close and personal. Curious where they are and the owners. I am aware of Scott Calabro and Bob Woods. How many more still frequent this forum. Would you post your location Thanks Paul
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    GT40 Manufacturers

    The GT40 replica market is fairly small, there are but a few manufacturers. Many have come and gone. As I search to see where is the best value, I am coming up with this list of suppliers (I have not included those who no longer produce or supply) SouthernGT
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    Roadster replica?

    I am pursuing a GT40 build, seriously considering doing a replica of one of the 5 roadsters. Tried a site search but most of hits using 'roadster' in the term brought up discussions of the owner's cobra roadster. Not the same. I've built a couple Cobra's and think this might be a fun project...
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    US GT40 build wanted

    USA builders, Do you have a GT40 build you haven't started/finished you want to get out of? Let me know what you have and where you're at, both on the build and your location Paul Proefrock Saint Louis
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    GT40 new build - Sources?

    Were I to tackle a new GT40 build, what are my options for kits, assuming I want a kit and not a roller: RCR 40 Tornado GT Forte Others? I am in the central US (Saint Louis) and any foreign option is complicated with freight and packaging, (and remote customer support?) Any...
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    EightStack Fuel Injection Ignition Table

    Does anyone have an EightStack ignition table they are willing to share? I have my system up and running and have had the base dyno tune applied. Looking to tweak the ignition table and have some questions. 1) shouldn't the ignition timing be essentially the same as with a carbureted...
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    PE3 ECU setup

    Has anyone progressed far enough with their build using a Performance Electronics ECU for startup? Posted sometime ago, introducing myself from the Cobra community. Converting my Weber system to an EightStack with PE3 unit. Little confused by the distributor settings. Looking at all the...
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    IAC location on manifold

    Does anyone have pictures of the IAC(idle air control) and its location on the manifold in relation to the venturi's and linkages. I am in the process of setting up an EightStack system in place of my Webers and curious how others may have mounted the air control valve Thanks Paul
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    EightStack EFI poll

    Those of you running an eightstack style system, (Borla, Inglese, Rousch, WhomEver) who is running their system in sequential, semi-sequential, random sequential, or Batch/Bank type fuel mode? Not all ECU's do the random or semi, those may be certain brand specific. All will do batch/bank and...
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    Preferred Distributor - EightStack system

    To those guys running an EightStack/DynaTek system, what distributor are you using? Looks like my options are: Modified Ford distributor with PerTronix module ($200) MSD ProBillet #8594 ($300) FAST Dual/Sync #305010 ($350) For our type of application, one any better than the...
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    EFI/Weber guy from the Cobra community

    I've come over to this forum, in addition to ClubCobra, to research info on Webers and EightStack systems. I am currently running a Ford FE in a Cobra replica with Weber 48 IDA's. Recently became the proud owner of an EightStack system and working on the details to make it operational...