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    SmugMug acquires Flickr

    So I see that SmugMug has acquired Flickr. I don't know anything about SmugMug, but Flickr has always been easy to use. Any thoughts good or bad???
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    Inspirational... [URL=""]
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    Ford Image Archive

    Here is something I just read about in AutoBlog that I think everyone will find interesting: Happy Hunting!!!
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    In case you have a few spare lire hanging around...

    RM auctioning rare Ferrari 330 P4 competition car at Leggenda e Passione event
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    GT40 Mk II Web Site

    I found this interesting web site today. I don't see any translation into English, but I think the pictures are pretty "language universal' Ford GT40, MK II, Mk III, Mk IV, Mirage, concept 2002, Ford GT, GTx1. Légende du Mans et d'ailleurs - Bienvenue
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    #1065 for Sale

    Something to whet your appetites this morning... Classic Driver - AUTOMARKT - Autosuche
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    Mark I for Sale

    Any thoughts on which car this is???
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    I'm feeling smarter already...

    I just received my copy of Ronnie Spain's book yesterday. Even though it's softcover, I;m still excited about it!!!
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    Has anyone dealt with I see the Ronnie Spain's book is out there in hardcover for under $23. Are they better to deal with than using for a paperback version of the same book???
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    Can anyone (especially Fran) identify this car

    While surfing the internet, I came across this picture (among others) of Fran's cars. Can anyone identify them??? Thanks!!!
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    Another newbie leaves the shadows...

    Hey Everyone -- I have finally decided to come out of the shadows and step into the light of day on this board. I have been a fan of the GT40 since I was about 5 years old watching racing from LeMans on ABC's Wide World of Sports. I'll probably never have the priviledge of owning an actual...