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    Active Power MKII rear clip and duck bill

    One of the things that bothers me about this rear clip is the duck bill . It is not really correct .. or is it? Seems to me this looks like a modified MKI rear clip. The more I look at it the more I go back and fourth on my dislike of it. Which begs the question, how many variations of the...
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    Keith D and Daughters MK11 Scratch Build log

    First, a thank you to my wife would doesn't know yet, but will very shortly that I have begun a new project. May you only see some of the bills and all of the smiles. The goal is to craft a machine with my young daughters and instill in them the love of speed and working with your hands. I'm...
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    New Member From NY

    Just a quick bit. I have been in the shadows devouring a number of builds and prepping myself for a father and daughters project for some time. Shooting for a MK11 with plenty of oomph and lots of nice details. Ques from will come from vintage race cars and smartly crafted/tactile bits on more...