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    SLC for sale in Canada

    Turn key Superlite for sale Registered as a 2015 in Alberta wasn't actually driven till mid 2016 Car hasn't been driven much at all and is why I am selling I just have no time and its a shame to see it sitting all year, every year. It came in second at the world of wheels only because I left the...
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    LS engine covers

    regarding LS engine covers does any one know if there is an engine cover available that will work with the reversed intake on the SL-C ? I bought the LS7 vette covers but they don't work. also it has to fit under the rear clam. Cheers, Grant
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    windshield wiper arm and blade

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone is using a windshield wiper arm and blade ? If so what did you find that works just hoping to save myself a bunch of time searching for a good fit if someone has the dope on it. Thanks, Grant
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    Looking For Alex AKA EFNFAST

    Hi Alex I need to speak with you but your mail box is full and is not excepting any more messages. Cheers, Grant
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    Infinitybox, LLC

    I really don't know how to put this in to words but I'm gonna try. I have had dealings with thousands of people and companies over my life time and have only ever met two people that make me want to be a better man. One my good friend Gord Jones a man who would do anything for anyone and Jay...
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    polycarbonate spray paint

    Hi Sorry I just seen this stuff in some ones build log but can find it again, could some one tell me where I can get the polycarbonate spray paint for doing the edges of the windows. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Grant
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    Head light covers yes or no

    Sorry Im getting old and can't remember who blended their head light covers out on the front section. I'm thinking of doing the same thing but would like another look at it. If some could point me into the right build log that would be great :) Cheers, Grant
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    rear view Camera

    Hi So has anyone come up with a good system for a rear view camera ? I've been trying to connect to a tablet but no luck so far. Ive seen it done but can't seem to get it working ? Cheers, Grant
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    Can't decide what color to paint your car check this out You could really mess with the cops lol, to bad its fake. checked with snopes it doesn't exist yet.
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    Car Audio speakers

    Hello Im not up on the newest and greatest in car audio. So Im hoping someone out there is. I am looking for a nice sounding 5.25" set of speakers. I have looked on-line, been to a few Car Audio shops and the Hertz, Focal, JL, Morel all look to be good choice's. Any one tell me why I should pick...
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    Grant's SL-C Build tread

    At first I ordered a GT40 but later on discovered the SL-C and it took over my dreams couldn't stop looking at it so needless to say canceled the GT40 and ordered my SL-C Feb 03 2011. I was gonna wait til I had more completed before I posted anything but what the hay, heres some things I have...
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    Ricardo shifter cable mounting bracket

    Hello I am in need of the shifter cable mounting bracket for the Ricardo Ford GT. I have been to the dealership and they weren't able to find the part in their system I am hoping it is stamped into the part if some one could tell me what the part number is or if you have a detailed drawing that...
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    inner wheel wells

    Hello, Does any one have the optional inner wheel wells fitted and installed. any pic's would be appreciated. Thanks, Grant
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    Emergency Brake actuator

    Hello I have been pondering the thought of using a small Electro-mechanical Linear actuator instead of the hand lever. Has any one used anything like this on an SL-C or other hot rod that has worked and is small? I know it may have it's draw backs eg: battery go's dead and you can't move the car...
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    Front air ducting

    Hello I seen some pic's of a air duct mounting plenium that mounted to the front rotor assembly in someones build I haven't been able to find it again could someone point me in the right direction :stunned: Thanks, Grant
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    Steering wheels

    Hello, Just looking to see what some of you have found or will be using for the steering wheel ? I was looking at a Momo Mod 30 no one around here has anything like this so I am hoping someone could let me know if they had one in there hands and if if it was a good fit for the SL-C. Thanks Grant
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    Horn and lift controls

    Hello people, I was thinking of using a paddle shiffters on the steering wheel to work the horn and lift has anyone looked in to this? I have looked around on the net to see if there is a kit that will bolt behind the wheel that will do this but so far no luck. any one come across such a thing...
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    SL-C inner door release handles

    Hello, I know the exterior are Miata but what are the inner door release handles are they Miata as well? Thanks Grant
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    SL-C door hinges

    Hello, Doe's any one have pictures of where the gas struts go on the door hinges? do they attach to the chassis or the center section? any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Grant