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    Help required - GM Parts source

    I'm trying to track down any suppliers that sell GM parts (new or used), namely C5 / C6 Corvette park brake assemblies. I'm running C6 ZR1 carbon brakes, and want to install the park brake assemblies inside the rear drums. Chasing backing plates, shoes, springs, actuators, etc. Any help would...
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    Wide GT40 Front End

    I'm looking for pictures of any 40s that have had the front wheel arches widened or modified. Thanks in advance.
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    Vintage Wheels spinners

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of a quick angle measurement. I'm not even remotely near mine, but need to know the angle of the back of the spinner ear to the horizontal, as shown in the attached picture. Thanks.
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    Widen front arches

    I can't remember who, but I'm pretty sure at least someone widened the front arches on tbeir GT40. Any pics floating around? Looking at going wiiiiider on the front rims.
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    Centrelock wheel adapters

    PCD aside, can anyone confirm if the Vintage Wheels (USA) and Image Wheels (UK) centrelock adapters have the same thread and taper profile?
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    High level wing mount - GT40

    I'm pretty sure this car was for sale recently, so hoping someone can help with a pic or two. I'm looking for details on how these wing mounts were attached to this car's chassis or transaxle. Just wondering if it was a quick release system to allow easier access to the engine bay. Engine bay...
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    GT40 Dashboard CAD file wanted

    Does anyone have a 3D CAD file of a GT40 dashboard, to save me drawing one from scratch? Thanks in advance
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    Advice needed - charcoal canister

    I'm looking for a simple and compact charcoal canister for my build. What have others used for their GT40s?
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    6 Piston Front Master Cylinder sizing

    I'm looking for some guidance on my master cylinder sizing. Dual circuit system. On the front, I'm running 6 piston calipers with 27mm / 31.8mm / 38.1mm cylinders. Pedal ratio is around 5.5 : 1 I can't find my notes on working it back to the correct master cylinder size.
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    ECU Options - MoTec or Haltech

    I'm getting to the pointy end of the engine build phase, and am after some advice... ECUs: I've narrowed it down to the MoTec M150(GPR) and the Haltech Elite 2500 models. The car is running drive-by-wire throttles, it needs cam control, and it needs analogue input for sequential gear lever /...
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    Super wide tyres

    Anyone have any pics of a wide body GT40 rear, running Avons (and know the tyre size)? Trying to decide between 15.0/26.0-15" and 14.0/27.0-15"... Thanks in advance.
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    Ferrari 6spd Transaxle

    Ferrari 360 gated manual Transaxle, came from a car with approximately 27,000km on the clock. Comes complete with the gated shifter assembly and control cables. I also have a starter ring gear, and can assist in all the other bits and pieces required. This gearbox comes standard with a Limited...
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    Porsche G50 measurement

    Just wondering if someone could help me out with a quick width measurement on a G50 trans. I'm looking for width of the box, from one output flange face to the other output flange face? Cheers
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    Ferrari Powered GT40

    The Car Designed To Beat Itself! Time to let the cat out of the bag. I have just ordered a new Absolute Pace GT40, and will be powering it with my 3.6ltr Ferrari V8. For those not familiar with the Pace GT40, it features an aluminium chassis and push-rod suspension. The car will also get a 6...
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    FS - S/Steel bends and collectors

    Brand New... 34x (304 s/steel) mandrel 90 degree bends - 2" diameter 2x (304 s/steel) 4 into 1 Merge Collectors (4x 2" into 3") 1x length 304 s/steel polished tube (2") approx. 3.5mtrs long $300 the lot And... 2x Chev LS series Exhaust manifold plates, laser cut 10mm...
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    FS - Ali Radiator + Group C Intercooler

    Brand new, never used. 1x Aluminium Radiator, 726mm x 320mm x 50mm. 32mm Outlets, it has the brackets for mounting the twin thermo fans. $250. Bubble wrapped and boxed. Used - 1x 1990's Group C Aluminium Intercooler - Jaguar LeMans (modified) 410mm x 360mm x 101mm thick...
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    Brake temperatures

    Has anyone done the exercise of measure brake temperatures for their 40, either normal road use, or at the track? I'm looking for what the 'normal' operating temperatures would be for a car this size, on steel brake rotors, under 'normal' and track conditions.
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    Ferrari V8 - What should I build?

    A little indulgent, I know. I had planned on fitting this engine to my F3000 chassis, but am thinking it'd be a fun 9000rpm engine to enjoy in something that could be used anytime, road registered. Current options include lightweight GT40, 917, Westfield, D Type replica, Alfa Romeo 1300...
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    2006 Renault R26 F1 Wheels

    My mind has gone blank. Who was it that had a ton of 2006 Renault F1 wheels here in Queensland?
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    GT40 Models

    Just thought I'd share this link, looks like their models are on sale. Even better for you guys in the US with the weak Australian dollar... Advanced search :: Search results - search-results