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    Newbie from Missouri

    Hi Nick, Call anytime Mon-Fri 0900-1700 EST (413) 875-2960 Or email [email protected] Regards, Scott
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    RIP Jim Pace

    Definitely too young. I found this video quite crazy. Sadly I believe, men like these who drove Group 7 cars in anger no longer exist. Watch… Holy
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Neil, send me the size you want and an address you would like a few of them shipped to at … [email protected]
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    These are REALLY good!
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    Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

    “Even the most ardent environmentalist doesn't really want to stop pollution. If he thinks about it, and doesn't just talk about it, he wants to have the right amount of pollution. We can't really afford to eliminate it - not without abandoning all the benefits of technology that we not only...
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    Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

    Lithium ion batteries for standby/backup power should be in a above ground concrete building outside of a home. On the Gulfstream biz jets I maintain we have two fire containment bags stored forward and aft in the cabin in case a laptop or phone battery decides to go thermal. That would be a...
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    Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

    I’ve heard excellent fact based arguments on both sides recently, as well as impassioned lousy arguments. I believe the real long term solution to clean reliable energy for humanity is ☢️. But that’s a discussion for another thread.
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    Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

    Is the end to end total carbon footprint of a EV less than the comparable ICE automobile? I’m talking from mining iron ore, or lithium, through end of life recycling.
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    3D Printed Hartwell Latch Parts

    FYI, the Dassault Falcon “50” radome latch is close match as well. Probably a bit more expensive though as the aircraft are still in service.
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    Tornado TS40 'evolution'

    Nice work sheet metal work Andrew! May I suggest that you install a few AN321 or similar “Aerodynamic drain grommets “, on the aft section of the floor pan aft of the radiator? These will allow water to drain in that area now that it is closed up...
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    I was wondering when this would come up in this thread. MERCK Co. is currently in phase 3 trials of what appears to be a successful antiviral for Sars CoV-2. If/when it gets approved (from what I’ve read it’s looking good), it’ll be a game changer considering the vaccines are less than a year old.
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    Water proof GT40?

    I glued AN231-4 seaplane grommets wherever I had a water drain hole.
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    Hi All, I recently purchased a rcr gt40 mk1 from the Gosford Museum

    Bill gave me lots of sage advice back in the day
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    Pre 75 Ford 302 block

    Crazy, 289/302 blocks are in almost every breaker and on Craigslist, this side of the pond
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    A delayed Hello to all !!

    That’s starting to happen here as well Nick. Hopefully “hard coal” (Anthracite), will be around for many more years. I can’t imagine heating without it! Post up some pics of the locomotives