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    What cam and CR are you running with 8 stacks?

    I’ve spoken with Bullet and I have a general cam guideline but was interested in seeing what others are running. Not looking for recommendations just for what people on here have.
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    What cam and CR are you running with 8 stacks?

    I’m currently in the engine building stage and it’s coming to piston ordering time. Because of this I’d like to know what static compression ratio, cams and fuel you guys with 8 stacks are running to give me an idea of what I can actually work with on the street. Ideally for the cI’d like to...
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    Garage compressor

    In search of a second hand compressor for my build - what have you got that you're willing to part with :) Not looking for anything super large, just something suitable for running air tools up to a belt sander sort of level. (10cfm tops i'd have thought) If you have any air tools you'd sell...
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    1st parts order - what do you recommend?

    I’ve found an 80’s Siamese SVO 9.2” block that will likely be using - I know it’ll have to go through 3.5% emissions but as I’m going to run EFI it should be fine, especially with sequential fuelling, COP and multiple maps on ECU. I’d have loved a pre 75 block but nothing strong enough that it...
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    1st parts order - what do you recommend?

    A bit of both but predominantly street, zero issues with loud race car style. It will be my fun car. The engine is looking to be a 402ci with ability to rev to 7500 without issue, according to the cam company it’s manners will actually be fairly good on the street (mid 600’s lift after lash...
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    1st parts order - what do you recommend?

    Understandable if you didn’t know my specifics and situation :) The drivetrain is always going to be a large chunk of the build cost and I’ve spent a long time finding the right bits for what I want engine wise. Just because I need to be budget orientated around the order of bits doesn’t mean...
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    1st parts order - what do you recommend?

    Please elaborate?
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    1st parts order - what do you recommend?

    Power is going to be circa 600 and transaxle choice is either a 930 4 speed or Quaife box dependant on what their situation is with them in the future. ZF is just too expensive and Renault or Audi is no good for me (audi will sit too high as block potentially may be 9.2"). Will be sticking with...
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    1st parts order - what do you recommend?

    Ok so am finally going to be placing my first order very shortly with SGT/AK and was wondering what you guys found would be best to get at the start. The build will be done in stages as and when the funds are available so the order of parts is important. Id rather not be buying things that are...
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    Looking for GT40 kit

    Could you provide some more details please?
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    Wanted: Porsche 930 short gearbox

    Carquip have a long converted to short on eBay. Think he said assembled it was $11-12k o_O
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    Suspension droop on SGT

    Hi, I was wondering whether any of you SGT owners are able to tell me how much suspension droop you get from their coil overs on the supplied springs. I’m looking at fitting air cups to help with speed bumps and my driveway etc but they need certain clearance and suspension movement to work...
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    R302 block

    If anyone knows of anyone selling an r302 8.2” block if you could direct me to them please it would be appreciated! Many thanks
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    Craft Performance engine knock

    It’s a tricky one but I’d say both parties may have a hand in this. As mentioned above that dyno graph has questionable readings which need to be clarified. If it was just their dyno carb etc then they wouldn’t have tuned it they’d have just given it a break/bed in and run it up to make sure no...
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    So I had heard correctly then! Wish you a happy retirement and hopefully ill get my order in v shortly. You will be missed no end! Hope you enjoy your well earned chill time!
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    That is BEAUTIFUL. Is it a matte Sauterne Gold? The end is in site, can’t wait to hear it fire up. That’s the colour combo I was looking at doing although gloss. Damn you :D
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    302 Boss Block 1970

    Looks like it sold on Ebay for £950
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    302 Boss Block 1970

    Also may be good to specify the current bore etc
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    KCC Restoration

    Loving the project. Nice garage of toys too! Came from GTR’s myself, nice to see others don’t have to choose sides between import and V8 :D These are my last two: