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    Post IVA licensing

    Having passed IVA I now require to apply for a Log book. Who can tell me what tax bracket my car is in? The engine was manufactured in 1990 25th November 1990. Any guidance appreciated as I cant find any relevant information. Many thanks
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    Brake Pedal Bias

    Can anyone confirm what is acceptable for IVA test with regards to locking the dual brake bias bar. A) Drilled and locked with a roll pin B) Drilled, locked with a roll pin and a locking nut C) As above but locking nut drilled and locked with locking wire D) Locked with a nut and welded...
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    Handbrake Caliper

    Recently acquired a part built MDA which requires handbrake calipers. The car has cast alloy uprights with GT40 cast on them. There are two threaded holes ready to take a caliper @ 3 1/2” centres. The discs are 20mm wide and have Wilwoods fitted for general braking... Tried uploading a photo...
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    UN1 Output shafts

    I’ve just purchased MDA GT40 with a Renault UN1 gearbox, are the output shafts meant to float? The hubs that slide over them appear to move horizontally on the output shafts too, this alone seems a little excessive as though the lock pins have been omitted? Thanks in advance:uneasy:
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    MDA dimensions

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions for a MKI bodied MDA circa 2012 Many thanks:shy:
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    In the Pipe line....

    Just come across this on the web, follow the link and see what you think! It's all quite plausable so let's see what happens.... Is Ford Working On A New GT? Also I had a run across to see Andy Waters at GTSupercars near Lincoln (UK) to look at the CAV GT40. The cars where in various stages...
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    To Gt or not GT? Help is the question.

    Hi, I've been mulling over the different makes for the last six months and have nailed it down to the (IMHO) CAV and Superperformance. Now I'm in limbo as to what to do:- either a brand new CAV MKI or a used (just) Superperformance MKII. both at the same price. I'm leaning to the CAV as it'll be...
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    Le Mans Classic changed my life!

    Hi, having been to Le Mans Classic 2010 for the first time this year I spent most of my time mesmorized by the lines and presence of the GT40's. I've always liked my cars and the nearest thing to a GT40 was a rebuild to an Esprit S2 which had been rear ended by a 4 x 4. (enough said!) Anyway...