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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Hi everyone. It's been quite a while since I last posted on GT40s. I have just purchased a Cobra replica, with a 427ci stroked 351W in it. The car drives like a train, but I think it's running extremely rich. In trying to acquaint myself with the car/motor, I just noticed that both the...
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    UK Met Office to begin naming Storms.......

    I couldn't believe my ears yesterday. Stuck in the car for a couple of hours, I was listening to the BBC talk show station Radio Football, sorry, I mean Radio 5. They were having a huge phone-in, asking people their thoughts on the approved list of names for Storms. Two things in particular...
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    Migrant crisis: a solution.....

    Send them all to Poland and Latvia. All the Polish and Latvians are living in the UK, so those countries must surely need immigrant people quite desperately?! Problem solved! :thumbsup:
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    Is it possible........

    that we can discuss the stupidity that leads to a 9 year old girl killing a guy with an UZI, without bringing up the Constitution? :huh:
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    Good luck Scotland

    Good luck to Scotland. I hope you get what you want in the next few days. How on earth you ever hope to know what is right, or make a confident choice based on knowledge, facts, or reason, if you base your choice on the ranting and raving that we witnessed in the debate last night. What a...
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    Advice sought on ageing Leather

    Hi Folks, I just received my custom made replica Monza Steering wheel for the P4. I am looking for tips to age the leather, not totally stressing it, just taking the 'newness' out of the leather. The pics show my wheel and the one fitted to 0856 for reference. Thanks in advance.
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    That bastard Zoo in Copenhagen AGAIN

    So, not satisfied euthanising the Giraffe, they have now killed a Lioness and two cubs, to make way for a new male Lion. I can't tell you how pissed this makes me!
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    Totally up the junction

    How can you tell when a celebrity is up their own ass, to the point of vomit worthy nausea, beyond the level of all previously know levels of celebrity vomit inducing nausea? When they get divorced, but call it a 'conscious uncoupling', presumably because 'divorce' is just a little too...
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    Media mis-reporting again?

    So the media are at it again. BBC are saying that there is now doubt over the entire future of the G8, without Russia! WHY? Who says so? This comment has had zero information to back it up. It is simply thrown out there, supposedly for effect/drama?! Also on the BBC, reporters this morning...
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    Meeting with MP's at Westminster in April

    I am one of ten business owners meeting with MP's at Westminster next month. I am open to suggestions from fellow UK WOGGS, for questions/comments/issues to raise! Nothing too offensive please! :thumbsup:
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    R.I.P? Tony Benn

    R.I.P. Tony Benn I personally disagreed with many of his political ideals, but the man was a true Statesman and one of the few 'genuine' politicians.
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    R.I.P. Alice Herz-Sommer

    BBC News - Oldest Holocaust survivor, Alice Herz-Sommer, dies at 110
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    NHS to sell patient records?!

    In just two weeks, the personal medical records of everyone in England will start being sent to a central database - - to be used by the NHS to improve its services. But there’s a catch: private companies will be able to buy access to our data too - private companies like Serco or big...
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    Thank goodness, the crisis in the south west is finally over. A couple of politicians have showed up, including Mr. Cameron. Thank fook for that.
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    A new look at what Man should do to counteract Man

    Just pondering. If we are to accept a responsibility toward Nature, the natural order of things and really, really manage Nature, I wonder: Is it time to start culling the stupid? After-all, if we respect nature, should we not accept the fact that we have screwed up the Natural Selection...
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    Great example of a Politician's utter stupidity?

    Just heard MP Tessa Munt on the daily politics show, discussing flood protection. I kid you not, she just said that we should build houses on stilts, so that your car can be kept at low level, so that your carpets are safe from flooding! I'd rather replace a carpet, than a car! Oh well...
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    Christmas Presents. Where did it all go wrong?

    Chatting with my Brother the other day, we were discussing how, now that we are both Parents and in my younger Brother's case, Grand-Parents (hahahaha), just how much is expected these days, from our children and Grand Children, at Christmas time. On average this year, each child in our...
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    Prisoners. Should they have the right to vote?

    BBC News - Prisoners serving less than a year 'should get the vote' Beware the slippery slope, if this goes through. It won't take long before the tax payer is funding all manner of legal claims for inmates not covered by the parameters of this draft, stating that they too should have the...
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    Sexual Harrasment in Colorado School!

    OH MY GOD! Colorado 6-year-old suspended for kissing girl on cheek - YouTube It just keeps getting worse in America. Everyday, someone over there tries extremely hard, to show the world that America is totally off the scale! Once there was a time when people from other countries looked...
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    OH NO! Sea levels thought to be falling!

    As seen here in this photo, clearly the sea levels are falling at a dramatic rate. What can we do to prevent such a disaster?