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    Bezos getting ready to head to space, T minus 24 minutes...

    Amazing stuff! Hope all goes well for the flight and crew!
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    Mounting a Cayman S gearbox?

    I have an inverted Porsche g96 gearbox in a mid engine kit car. For my newest project, I picked up a 2006 Cayman S gearbox for a mid engine project. The 911 gearboxes mount at the end opposite the bellhousing. This Cayman S box has wing type mounts just aft of the CV flanges. The gearbox also...
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    Is the SL-C radiator outlet at an efficient location?

    Quick introduction: 1st post, but I've browsed this forum for years! Have built a Cobra replica and am currently building a (very modified chassis) mid-engined 'kit car' out of Massachusetts. I actually bought that kit from Fran, someone had traded it in for an SL-C kit. The SL-C bug is really...