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    Aero testing with the SLC

    Many builders have installed ducts to close out the roof area just after the external roof vent inlet, running it to either an engine intake, or just generally to the engine compartment (as I have done). There has been some discussion about whether or not the roof vent is functional on the SLC...
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    Hyperfest- SLC to contest UTCC and NASA TT

    Ed D and I are going to Hyperfest this year, mostly to see the Raver Motorsports SLC run at the Ultimate Track Car Championship. Their car is likely the fastest SLC ever, and they hope to do well with it this year. Last year (on Sunday, after the UTCC) they ran a 1:48, which is a very quick...
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    Which battery?

    I'm on my second battery for my car, soon to be the third, and am wondering if I should change to a different kind. Like many SLCs, my car has the Infinitybox system which has a pretty substantial drain on the battery when on. Even with their InReserve, my battery gets flattened unless the...
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    RCR40 video

    This is a great video about a builder, and his car- which happens to be an RCR40. Great story, and a very well-shot video. Check it out here: Eric Dean’s Temple: A rowdy home-built Ford GT40 | Why I Drive - Ep. 1 - YouTube"]Eric Dean’s Temple: A rowdy home-built Ford GT40 | Why I Drive - Ep...
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    New canards

    It's winter, and the driving season for this year is still months away. So this is the time to get a couple of things done on the SLC. One task was to install these carbon fiber canards on the car. Ed helped out and we got them installed in about 2 hours. It would be half that time for the...
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    LS7 engine variations

    My car has a crate LS7 and a GM controller kit. It's never really run right, with a weird idle hanging problem -- it would hang at about 2000-2500 RPM on decel, then slowly lower itself to a normal idle of 800 in a minute or so. That made it hard to heel-and-toe and didn't make me look like the...
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    Beauty and the Beast...

    I guess we know which one is faster, though.
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    Superlite SL-C dominates at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

    Dan Raver piloted his newly-rebuilt SL-C to a convincing win last weekend at the PVGP at Pitt Race. Starting from the pole position, he set the fastest lap of the weekend (a blistering 1:42.5) on the way to winning the race on Sunday. Congrats to Dan, Raver Motorsports, and Agile Auto!
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    Photobucket has broken the Internet- and

    As many people know, Photobucket has changed their policy concerning "3rd party hosting" and is now demanding $400 a year in ransomware to make pictures appear in forums- ones that have been working for as long as 10 years in some cases. This makes many threads much less useful, where text...
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    Gearz wraps up the Superlite SL-C story this weekend!

    As most of you know, Stacey David was building an SL-C on his Gearz TV show a couple of years ago. The project languished, and now, finally, there is a wrapup of the project airing tomorrow, January 7th at 8:00 AM, EST on the Velocity channel. The show will re-air on Velocity on: Saturday...
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    Can't get enough video?

    Here's a quick cut of an interview with Fran at the PRI show, talking about the Aero.
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    Superlite SL-C video

    SL-C builder Peter V commissioned a video to showcase his amazing car. Check out the details on the car- and the wonderful location where he lives!
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    SL-Cs at TN Cruise-In

    There will be two Superlite SL-Cs planning to attend the Hendersonville, TN Cruise-in on October 28th. For those that are local to the Nashville area, this is a chance to see two cars at once. The link to the event FB page is here
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    2016 Holley LS Fest- who is going?

    I'm thinking about going to this years LS Fest. Never been, but have an LS-powered SL-C, and thought it might be kind of fun. Of course, it would be double (or triple) the fun if we could get two or three SL-Cs there together. It's September 9-11, at Beech Bend Raceway, in Bowling Green...
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    Centerlock wheels

    I recently installed a set of centerlocks on my SLC, and thought I'd share the details, as it a relatively rare option, and most SLC builders have probably never seen them in the wild. As most people know, centerlocks are the choice in motorsport where they are allowed, and where pitstops are...
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    Fast times at VIR

    Raver Motorsports took their SL-C into new territory this weekend when they tripped the lap timers with a 1:49 lap at Virginia International Raceway (VIR). This is not just a very quick time, but a new lap record as well, shattering the previous record of 1:51.5. It's also the fastest lap...
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    Is 1500+ HP enough in an SLC?

    Recently, Superlite finished a very special SLC for a customer. How special? Over 1500 HP at the crank. How much more, we don't know, as it hit the max power the dyno could register at 1200 WHP. See more in the link here.
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    RCR on TV

    Last year, the producers of the TV series "Mobil 1- The Grid" came to Detroit to film a segment on Race Car Replicas. The video is up on their site here. Check it out! Some cool pics of a MKIV in the segment as well as a number of other RCR and Superlite cars.
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    SLCs take pole and third in NASA 25 hour classic qualifying

    The Davidson Racing Eagle (a modified Superlite SLC) took the ES class pole yesterday at Thunderhill for the 25 hour race starting today. Second was the Flying Lizard Audi R8LMS, and third was the Quick Racing Products Superlite SLC. All three cars were within about 2 seconds of each other...
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    Mid Atlantic Garage Get-together this Saturday!

    I'm having a garage GTG this Saturday, November 14, from noon to 5 PM at my garage in Clifton, VA. Everyone is invited, and there will be snacks, soda and beer for everyone. If you are in the area, PM me for the address. I'll be showing the SLC, for those who want a closer look at that as...