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    New GT40 race car build

    Roll cage wise I guess it would be down to the organizing body for cage requirements. Hope you're going to start a build log ??
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    Looking for pictures of a full rollcage

    Well said Neil. I would never go on track with just a bit of fibre glass to protect me.
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    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Really good report Bob. Thanks for sharing. Pete.
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    Paul's RCR GT40 build

    Look forward to seeing your Cleveland build. The headers are going to be fun !!!
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    Paul's RCR GT40 build

    Hello. Good to see you're using a Cleveland. What's the spec on that ? Cheers Pete
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    standard 289 sump pan wanted

    Yep got a couple. I've sent you a PM.
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    standard 289 sump pan wanted

    Hello Peter. Did you find a sump ? Cheers.
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    Source for pre 1975 302 blocks

    Looks like I might have sold my block.
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    Source for pre 1975 302 blocks

    I was asking Mark if he had found a suitable block because I was thinking of selling my acid dipped 1968 std bore 302 block.
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    Source for pre 1975 302 blocks

    Hello Mark. Did you source a block ? Thanks Pete.
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    SBF 157 tooth flywheel wanted - No longer required as now sorted

    Hello Bruce. I,ve got a 157T flywheel you could borrow if PAB"s has the wrong tooth count. I live in the NN14 area. Cheers.
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    Steel flywheel, Distributors and coils, ignition leads

    Hello Mike. Could you PM me your phone number re parts. Thanks Pete.
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    Tecalemit/Jackson - Holman & Moody stuff

    I've still got my TJ manifold for sale
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    289 Kit

    Sorry Colin just been flat out. Only just got back from Bahrain off to China Sunday. So when i get back will sort out the measurements. Thanks Pete.