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  1. woodz428

    S-W 240A fuel pump

    Used pump taken off 60s era Model A hot rod, because of only hardline plumbing it is suspected that it created too much noise. This pump and a Holley Blue pump were on the car, but no longer plumbed or wired in. It has a small Mr. Gasket pump that now has some rubber hoses in the line and works...
  2. woodz428

    Snap-On tools are for fools

    (I felt this the appropriate spot since tools are required to build ay type of car..especially a GT40. If it should be elsewhere, I am sure it'll be moved.) I know, I own a bunch. This is the first post( I will be posting the same on all the forums I am a member of as well as running a local...
  3. woodz428

    2 Pantera transaxles

    I saw this on e-bay this morning while looking at the replica section. It's a Marauder, they used to be located down the road and why I looked, in the text of what is with the car are 2 Pantera tranaxles. The current bid is at less than $ 6000. Maybe someone here can use them; eBay Motors...
  4. woodz428

    A dozen SPF GTs

    Some SPF GTs;