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    Hi From California

    Welcome to GT40S Tim. I’m sure someone will chime in and be of help. Not familiar enough with Cali., to be able to tell you which members might be close to you. In the mean time, read through some of the incredible build threads. There’s a lot of talent on here. Enjoy the forum. Regards Brian
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    I took my 95 year old Mom in at the same time I got my Johnson booster. Neither of us had any issues. Regards Brian
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    Audi 016 transaxle leaking from rear gasket

    Welcome to GT40S Neal. I’m sure someone will be along shortly, with your answer. If not they will steer you in the right direction. Regards Brian
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    LOLA T70 scratch build...

    Looking good Marcus. Keep up the good work. Regards Brian
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    Hello from Denver! Soon to build a GT-R

    Per Kens recommendation, I was excited to see a rebuilt starter available. I went to Summits site to order one. It does have a $60.00 core charge, which isn’t a big deal. They do not have them in stock, but says dropped shipped from manufacturer. Expected ship date 2-14-2022. Again not a deal...
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    Hello from Denver! Soon to build a GT-R

    Welcome Joshua to GT40S. As you anxiously await your kit to arrive, take the time to carefully read each build thread. Don’t just focus on the GTR builds, as there are tons of ideas on every thread. Start a note book and make notes on every interesting idea. The starters are still available...
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    Bill's Barge

    Maybe the movie Anaconda would be a good one also. It does look like a good time for sure. Regards Brian
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    Frank Williams

    RIP Sir William’s. Thoughts and prayers for the family, friends and fellow racers. Regards Brian
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    Nose hinge

    Young le, do you have pictures of your SLC? We love pictures or even a build log. Regards Brian
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    Strongest transaxles

    Sorry Nick, but those two words don’t belong in the same discussion. Affordable and strongest are never compatible. Regards Brian
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Walt. Everyone stay safe and healthy. Regards Brian
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    S2's Build Thread

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Scott. Regards Brian
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    Are you building one Billy?
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    Bristol, UK new member

    Welcome to GT40S Robert. Research the build threads and there is tons of information in them. Also check out the original GT40 section for information on the real cars. You are lucky being in the UK as there appears to be a good following and several clubs. Enjoy the site. Regards Brian
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    new member

    Welcome to GT40S Shaun. Mike has given you some very solid advice. Tons of information in the build threads. And it’s very helpful that they have club meetings in the UK. Not so much here in the states, at least that I’m aware of. Enjoy the site. Regards Brian
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    What is the approx cost of a new ZF transaxle?

    This is true Chris, but Markus asked again in post 8 about current prices. And then it got sidetracked. But it was also answered above. “Hello all, bumping up an old thread - does anybody know how much the cost of a new RBT 5 speed is today? Thanks, Markus. “ Regards Brian
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    Ole mate logan at it again - Roaring Forties Content

    What, Logan has friends . Now that’s funny.
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    Jaguar 2001 V8 S/C 4.0l 500hp, Tilton 140mm triple disc, bearing, flywheel & Porsche G50 gearbox

    Welcome to GT40S George. This is not EBay. Pictures, a complete description AND a price must be included. And preferably a notation that it is in Greece would help. Please feel free to make a donation to the forum for the free advertising. It is to ones advantage to introduce themselves first...
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Excellent work Aaron. Will be interesting to see your heat reduction ideas also . Regards Brian
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    What is the approx cost of a new ZF transaxle?

    Sorry for the thread drift Markus. Please carry on.