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    G50 to LS Flywheel

    Looking for alternatives other than Tilton for a LS to G50 flywheel that uses the Porsche original starter . Are there any others ? have used the Kennedy flywheel before but didn't like that nasty high torque starter. probably a stab in the dark but thought it might be worth a Ask....
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    Keep going Ryan little by little you will get there....
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    Transaxle Transverse Sequential Gearbox by Supercar System

    Very interesting gearbox. Short overhang, Seq, drop gears and 15k..... Sounds to good to be true, as I've got more than one project where this could be a prefect fit. Thanks for the info I will be keen to see this working in the flesh... Good luck
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    Updates ??
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    New Quaife Quantum transaxle info

    Nice tip thanks for the info. Very interesting to see, will be following this one closely...:thumbsup:
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    G50/20 gearset interchangablity?

    I have that 3.1 Albins CWP, not driven the car yet though. I know of another 3.1 set for sale in the UK. New never fitted for a 996Turbo or any GT3/2 gearbox.. email me and Ill redirect you to my friend..... [email protected]
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    Elite Racing Transmissions

    Anybody actually running these Boxes ?? The TXL300 is what I'm thinking of buying ...
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    Griffin trans axles

    Elephant bits ........ some thing I tell myself when I stand back and think to holy shit what do I do next.... Looking good BTW.....
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    G50 not flipped.

    Making the bell-housing detachable might be a good route....
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    G50 not flipped.

    Lovely engineering bud, would this be a None Turbo G50 with the 7.5" Diff ?? If its a 9" diff from a turbo box I'm in....
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    My RCR "DPE-962X" 8500 RPM -1500HP Engine Build *lots of pics*

    Piston cooling jets a Must for this kind of a motor i would suspect.. PS why 427ci ?? why not go smaller stroke on the crank that would help with the higher RPM and slow down the piston speed, and the turbos don't need that extra Cubes really do they...
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    My RCR "DPE-962X" 8500 RPM -1500HP Engine Build *lots of pics*

    FYI Daily don't recommend the original stile crank mounted Oil pump as at high rpm they suffer issues. Thats why they alway supply a external pressure pump unit. Also there 5 stage Pump (which I'm using and here's my pan they delivered recently) the 4 scavenge units create 26" of vacuum on a...
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    Hi Would like some pricing info on that nice Graziano Transmission please... GTRClive...

    Hi Would like some pricing info on that nice Graziano Transmission please... GTRClive [email protected]
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    trying something different in a LS7 oil pan

    PS also running a flat pan under the engine so no worries about hoses either...
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    trying something different in a LS7 oil pan

    Yes got a 2008 Crate LS7. But need a better oiling system as Am worried that my car will out perform the std setup. Would like to keep the engine as low as possible, and don't really want to go full Old Stile ext pump at this stage. Keeping the original or even a modded GM internal pump must be...
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    850 QC transaxle

    The Ford GT Ricardo Ratios would be perfect for me... unfortuneatly the Nice New Ford box wont fit my car.... and it is a tad to heavy IMHO
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    850 QC transaxle

    Very interested in your Trans, how many of them have you produced ??
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    GearFox (Cima) Transaxle (Zonda / Konegzeg)

    Sold My KVA along time ago, still pine for a GT40 some times, wife thinks the GT was the best looking car we have owned, and still says she wouldn't mind me building one again.... The Deal I had going at the time of this sale has fell though so gearbox back to the original price I had of £5500...
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    ZFQ new proposed GT40 transaxle

    Hi Chris YHM...... Ps whens he next batch of Boxes set for production ??