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  1. monaco1

    Goodwood Revival - 2021

    Both cars had their body fixed again and were at the starting grid for the race.
  2. monaco1

    GT40s at Goodwood in recent years

    This years display of Gt40’s at Goodwood Revival
  3. monaco1

    GT40s at Goodwood in recent years

    My car got invited to participate in the Withsun tropy at this year's Goodwood. Very exited about it.
  4. monaco1

    FS EU Window hinges.

    Thanks. I have send you a pm.
  5. monaco1

    FS EU Window hinges.

    Hi Fred.. You can pay via PayPal to [email protected] Total Inc shipping by UPS is 320 US $ I need your full address and telephone number for UPS.
  6. monaco1

    FS EU Window hinges.

  7. monaco1

    FS EU Window hinges.

    I have a couple of sets of window hinges lying around if anybody is interested. The price for a set is 300 US$ plus 20 US$ shipping from Denmark. Be aware that there may be some import taxes when imported to the US and the UK.
  8. monaco1

    GT40 roadster

    Saw this this nice car a couple of days ago at the local racetrack test day.
  9. monaco1

    Original GT40 headlight adjusters.

    Hi Peter . I took a slight different approach when installing my headlights. MySquare headlight came from Renault R12 headlights with the originals Marchals holding plates. Then I transferred all the bits holding the lamp to at homemade alu holder plate,which was the fibered into the front...
  10. monaco1

    Windscreen bottle washer

    Try this : I have one in my car
  11. monaco1

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    This might work:
  12. monaco1

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Thanks for the tip. I will investigate further.
  13. monaco1

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Hi Jimmymac. Thanks for the close-up pictures anyway. I only had some fuzzy pictures like the BW picture above. Looks like it's made with some special tool. I wonder if I could get someone to fabricate it?
  14. monaco1

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

  15. monaco1

    ZF 5 DS-25/2 for sale

    There is a fool born every minute -they say. Maybe people should be warned.
  16. monaco1

    ZF 5 DS-25/2 for sale

    Me too. When I asked him to supply a picture with the Gearbox next to a current newspaper, he newer came back to me. Buyer beware.
  17. monaco1

    Hi Stingray. I saw you mail on ebay. I will be happy to sell you 2 front latches. Where do you...

    Hi Stingray. I saw you mail on ebay. I will be happy to sell you 2 front latches. Where do you live? If I can have your full address and telephone number, I can ship them next week with UPS. You can pay me via PayPal. [email protected] . The shipping is £ 25 with UPS, but the package is shipped...
  18. monaco1

    Classic Le Mans 2020.

    Just heard from Classic Lemans. The race is postponed till 2021. Entries are valid for next year.
  19. monaco1

    FS EU Hartwell style latch for the GT40

    Hi Charlie. I would like to respond to your accusations one by one. 1: When the first of your laches broke, I dismantled it, hoping I could the press handle welded up, and discovered it made from tin. You were kind to repair the part for 145 £ including handling and shipping. When the second...